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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The New Home

Maeve stared nervously at her directional scan reports, spamming refresh every 10 seconds.

Despite the fact that every connecting hole had eyes, and there was an active wing of the fleet quite literally looking for a fight, Maeve was reminded by looking at her records, that the majority of her losses were in industrial ships, in situations quite like these. Ships where she could not defend herself, or back-up wasn't quick enough to get to her.

This combined with the fact that she was commander of her little mining wing, her finger hovered nervously over the "warp fleet" button, just in case someone decided they'd make a sneak in and make quick work of them. Because, that is just how it happens out in the nothing.

There were many observances Maeve had made since they'd moved in their new class of wormhole. A bigger, larger, and richer wormhole.

ADHCs vacation had taught them that they could indeed live in a wormhole without having to choose between being gleefully poor pvp crazed animals, or rich bored site runners.

The first, and obvious observation is there are many sites to be had, and in that is much more profit, not to mention a constant feed of things to do.

Second observation, despite that it seems less frequent, pvp has become much larger and intense than the small gangs we had become accustomed to in our lower class WH.

Fleets of 30+ aren't such a shock now, back when we thought we were high rollin with a fleet of 7.

I will confess the carebear in me is glad to have so many more rich sites to attend to..... but it is equally fun to engage in some larger scale skirmishes mixed in with your traditional smaller roaming WH gangs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Roc Wieler's YC113

Love him or hate him, Roc Wieler is a force not to be ignored. And as we find again, a damned talented musician.

Personally I was ecstatic to learn he had released another symphonic style album, similar to my all time favorite Bio .

As always, what Roc presents to us is more than just fan music. His music tells a story. And with YC113 this holds true more than ever.

From the Prologue which tells us the adventure and excitement that is EVE. Quickly followed by the track New Eden, lest we forget the beautiful, and often overlooked beauty that is New Eden. This point is driven home with a sweeping and emotional score that would make even the most battle-hardened pilot stop for a moment and admire the vast space of New Eden, the place we all call home.

Roc's knock for capturing New Edens varied races and cultures in unrivaled and well captured. From the sexiness of the Gallente (cause you know, we are sexy thangs)... to the power through religion of the Amarr.

You can close your eyes and imagine each of the peoples of New Eden whom Roc has lovingly described to us through music.

The of course, there is even a track (or 2) for the on-going mystery of the relationship between Roc and Mynxee.

Maybe one day Maeve will be lucky enough to get her own theme song. ;)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Issue #025 - Published 7th October 2011

I don't know about you, but I am always looking forward to finding my shiny new issue of EON in my mailbox. Its like a mini-Christmas.
And for this issue, I am especially excited to read about our beloved CraxyKinux, whom I've had the honor to work with briefly in a few fleeting podcast adventures.
Take a look, order a copy... or even a subscription, its worth every penny

Dominion was the last time the foundations of null-sec were reformed and, while intentions were good, two years on things haven't turned out quite as hoped. Now CCP is preparing to set things right again, only this time with long-term vision that could impact not just 0.0 space, but every part of EVE Online. <>> 's Brendan Drain explores the potential for EVE's long-term future and sees reason to be quietly optimistic.

If you weren't tempted into EVE by the boasts of an impending expansion, it may have been due to the exploits of the players - those that have stolen and scammed their way to become New Eden's most notorious characters. From Nightfreeze to Cally and from Remedial to Istvaan Shogaatsu, we look at the 10 biggest thefts and most notorious scams that dominated EVE's early years.

The Noble Exchange has probably been the most contentious addition to EVE since the game first went live, providing a means for characters to dress themselves up in specialist virtual clothing at a premium non-game-breaking price. We fired off a load of questions to CCP to see how business has been going and ask what's in store for the next iteration of NeX as a new expansion nears.

Six months on since they were introduced to New Eden, we evaluate and explore EVE's most recent gameplay addition, with a guide to joining and emerging victorious against the Sansha hordes. Also in our expanded 15-page Knowledge Base Guide section we dig behind the back story to bring you the definitive history of CONCORD.

In Crowd with CCP Zulu & CCP Tallest
0utbreak, Vuk Lau and Colossus Technologies profiled
The latest CSM and 0.0 Report
The CrazyKinux Story
All you need to know about hiring mercenaries
Alliance Tournament Testflight
The Rise & Fall of ATLAS
Apocalypse under the spotlight
Who's top of the BattleClinic Rankings?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

V is for Vendetta

Maeve Trinity
Jita IV Moon 4
Caldari State

The Forge

Smoke wafted gently through the air, gathering in soft rolling clouds across the ceiling of one of the numerous bars at Jita IV-4, bars that barely passed as hallways with a few haphazardly strewn stools and high bars.

Maeve's life in wormholes had hardened her up a bit compared to her days carelessly mining and trading in K space. Much to her surprise, those pilots she might have once found quite frightening and would go so far as to take another route to reach her destination just to avoid them, now reminded her much of her beloved comrades in ADHC. The Gods know she has partaken in more than her fair share of nefarious activities living in lawless and ever changing wormhole space. So here she found herself, as one of "those" frightening, and dubious folk. Yet somehow, through it all, she liked to think of herself as a nice person.

But this job, this job was for someone all together without remorse, someone who could walk the right walk, and when the time was right, strike.

Their eyes met across the small table they shared, Maeve doing her best to look as intimidating and confident as she could... while the other, well lets call her "V".. with like eyes unflinching, only to casually look away to take in a long drag from whatever the rolled substance was she was enjoying. V did not offer, and Maeve did not ask.

"So..." Maeve leaned back pushing a data pad across and looked into V's piercing eyes, V's expression unchanged, casually sliding the pad to herself looking over the numbers, tapped a few keys in and pushed it back.

"This will do," another drag, ".. and this is going to take time.. and ISK..." Eyes locking again with Maeve's.

"Yes, I understand...." taking back her data pad and glancing down at it, "So we are in agreement then?"

V stood up, "I already entered my info for the initial transaction onto your pad", and as she turned to walk away, flicking her now exhausted bud to the floor, over her shoulder she said "Consider this operation underway. You keep theISK flowing, and we'll keep in touch"

Without looking back, she disappeared into the smoke and shadows.

Maeve was frozen and stared into the space V once stood. Not sure if she should jump up and cheer, or if she should just be happy she gets to keep her current clone.

Either way, this operation has begun.

Maeve walked back to the docking bay and smiled softly as her Proteus hovered gently there waiting for her. For all intents and purposes, this was her home in wormhole space. Inside her heart warmed at the thought of returning to the unknowns warm embrace, and her dear friends that would be waiting for her there.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On a side note

Just saw this upon log-in. Are they intentionally being obnoxious?

When Vikings Vacation

After quite a long hiatus I am finally starting to settle back in to the rhythm that is life in EVE. And I've realized life in EVE is just no fun without my crazies in Adhocracy. So I chose a few of my favorite ships, and head back into the unknown and immediately set to getting up to no good.

We recently set up a POS in a "vacation" hole, bringing a couple carriers and a dread... as you do. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to bring anything other than my Proteus, which has left me to beg borrow and steal whatever is in the hangars. It seems I keep ending up with a lone Apoc, and after being used to little nimble ships, I think this ship may be the end of me.

Hopefully this little foray, where we try our hardest to focus on something other than murdering the hapless random explorer, we will make some decent pocket change. And I know exactly what I'm gonna spend mine on!

Friday, July 8, 2011

EON Issue #024

The latest issue of EON is hot off the press!

I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to reading about wormhole life from another vantage point, as I am only familiar with how we function in Adhocracy. After listening to PodGoo Podcast, I realize that we are quite a different animal from the normal WH corp.

The features of this issue are as follows!

Ship crews have long been on the wish-list for players and developers alike, yet it has taken CCP years just to release the numbers. We look at how ideas for ship crews have been put forward, ask what the issues have been that have stopped crews being a feature of EVE's combat mechanic and ponder how, if ever, New Eden's silent NPC majority might have a say as to how battles are played out in the future.

We go back to the dark days of bank bail-outs to see how impending financial armageddon urged CCP to take a fearless attitude to EVE expansions. The result was fan-favourite Apocrypha, the expansion that opened EVE to wormholes, the persistent mystery and threat of the Sleepers, and the future promise of Tech-III ships.

Continuing the wormhole theme this issue, Lex Starwalker brings us a guide to living in w-space, we have the second instalment of Pottsey's exhaustive compendium of Sleeper theories and in our regular Tesflight round-up, Kirith Kodachi gathers together some of New Eden's most successful wormholers, who reveal the ships and fittings they wouldn't leave home without.

With a third EVE novel being readied for the autumn, we tackle author Tony Gonzales to talk about his career as an EVE fan and a CCP Developer. We ask how The Empyrean Age came about and how Templar One will hopefully lead us into a universe where EVE capsuleer and DUST mercenary must share the spoils of war.

* All you need to know about the Guristas
* In Crowd with CCP Sreegs and CCP Explorer
* Profiles of Red vs Blue, Phoenix Propulsion Labs and Masuat'aa Matari
* The rise and fall of Dusk and Dawn
* How to get your mates playing and loving EVE
* CSM6 - the first weeks in office
* The 0.0 Report…and all the latest news and events

Sunday, June 26, 2011


So my timing to return to EVE appears to be impeccable!

After piddling around in a few other games since around February, and none quite hitting that spot EVE always has, I decided with the upcoming Incarna expansion the time was right to jump back in.

Although, to my dismay, I would find all Incarna would be was the Captains Quarters I had only just heard murmerings about when I left at the beginning of the year, I had no idea that would be all we would get with the initial expansion. That being said, with a little bit of pouting I quickly got over it as I really haven't got a clue what I'd be doing in a station anyways other than oohing and aaahing over eachothers avatars. And living in a wormhole means visits to stations are few and far between.

I will say that point is what has me more bothered than any of the other grumblings that seem to be the rage of the moment. I'll be honest and say I am not that bothered by the microtransactions.... due to the simple fact that it has always been possible for someone who just started yesterday to jump on the bazaar, buy some PLEX, cash it out for ISK, and buy a pilot older than my own.

And although the monocle is insanely overpriced (because by CCPs logic, its all "designer", I still dont see anyone paying more for a pair of jeans than their shiny new Lamborghini.)... I will say that the fallout over it has generated some epicly hilarious threads and lead me to finding a Blade Runner Umbrella, which is cheaper and way cooler than said virtual monocle.

In the end the backlash surrounding all of this has just made the game that much more entertaining to me. In what other game can you find pure anarchy and people protesting in this way?

I guess I've been away from the game long enough to feel completely uninvolved with all the politics... and just enjoy the game for what it is.

And yes, I joined in the congo line around the memorial in Jita, just because. ;)


Monday, January 31, 2011

EON : ISK Guide 3.0

You know you want it. I know I want it. I am so ISK impaired its not even funny... any help I can get is more than welcome!

I missed past versions, and my wallet shows it!

It's been a long time coming but it's finally here! The ultimate guide to EVE Online and it's all yours and all mine, for FREE! WEWT!

Whether your a new or old player, there is something useful for everyone.

So for your free download, yes free, please visit starting tomorrow!

And fingers crossed for a print version to come soon!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Haircut



Sorry I've been so off the grid lately, the daily grind (hehe, get it? "grind"... oh never mind) of depleting 'roids of their ores had finally gotten the better of me. As you probably know my home is now in wormhole space. We get a lot of action out here, I never imagined I would find such a liking for the "hunt".

The disadvantage to this is not being able to stretch my legs in Station quarters. Most of my time now is spent inside my ships, my Proteus specifically, that I have set up to be particularly comfortable in unknown space. Of course, I had to sacrifice my drones for a cloaking subsystem, but I keep Rigel inside to keep me company. And true to form I have decorated the inside as tacky as you would expect your sister to.

I've still been up to my usual, crawling around the ships maintenance areas where a pilot of my stature really shouldn't. But there is some satisfaction in not only knowing my ships mind, but also its workings. I should also note I finally cut my mess of hair off. It was one too many times of it getting caught and tangled in wires, and to be honest, I was sick of washing the grease out.

I am sure you will think I am a boy the next time you see me.

Hope to visit with you during my next trip to Empire Space-

Your Sister,



Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wormholers Rumbling in Low Sec

So typically, our forays into low-sec dont go so grandly. Speaking for myself, being used to WH tactics, and for the most part not being entirely familiar with jump gate timers and tactics used with them. And then, of course, local pirates always have the upper hand in the situation considering they are probably close to their home station and can quickly reship. Not to mention, they do not have to deal with mass limitations and can bring whatever toys they want.

But the other night we had a streak of good luck.

We chased around a size-able fleet of juicy red Chain of Chaos folks, until we pinned them down to a gate and sent some bait through who was quickly engaged. Us being on the other side of the gate, immediately jumped through and the fun began.

Their fleet was much larger than the kills we did manage to snag, as many got away, but it was a good time regardless, and there were many "GF" in local. *hats off* to Chain of Chaos from me. :) I am pretty positive they would have come back for more -I wouldn't blame them, but we quickly scurried back to our wormhole to bask in the warm glow of a low sec romp that finally went right.

Also..... special moment for me as it was my Proteus's first real actual engagement excluding the time I managed to just land in a fight in time for a pod-kill lol!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any screen shots of the low-sec action... so I have supplied just a generic shot of my Proteus, "Bed Intruder". ;)