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Friday, October 14, 2011

Roc Wieler's YC113

Love him or hate him, Roc Wieler is a force not to be ignored. And as we find again, a damned talented musician.

Personally I was ecstatic to learn he had released another symphonic style album, similar to my all time favorite Bio .

As always, what Roc presents to us is more than just fan music. His music tells a story. And with YC113 this holds true more than ever.

From the Prologue which tells us the adventure and excitement that is EVE. Quickly followed by the track New Eden, lest we forget the beautiful, and often overlooked beauty that is New Eden. This point is driven home with a sweeping and emotional score that would make even the most battle-hardened pilot stop for a moment and admire the vast space of New Eden, the place we all call home.

Roc's knock for capturing New Edens varied races and cultures in unrivaled and well captured. From the sexiness of the Gallente (cause you know, we are sexy thangs)... to the power through religion of the Amarr.

You can close your eyes and imagine each of the peoples of New Eden whom Roc has lovingly described to us through music.

The of course, there is even a track (or 2) for the on-going mystery of the relationship between Roc and Mynxee.

Maybe one day Maeve will be lucky enough to get her own theme song. ;)

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