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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On a side note

Just saw this upon log-in. Are they intentionally being obnoxious?

When Vikings Vacation

After quite a long hiatus I am finally starting to settle back in to the rhythm that is life in EVE. And I've realized life in EVE is just no fun without my crazies in Adhocracy. So I chose a few of my favorite ships, and head back into the unknown and immediately set to getting up to no good.

We recently set up a POS in a "vacation" hole, bringing a couple carriers and a dread... as you do. Unfortunately I didn't have the foresight to bring anything other than my Proteus, which has left me to beg borrow and steal whatever is in the hangars. It seems I keep ending up with a lone Apoc, and after being used to little nimble ships, I think this ship may be the end of me.

Hopefully this little foray, where we try our hardest to focus on something other than murdering the hapless random explorer, we will make some decent pocket change. And I know exactly what I'm gonna spend mine on!

Friday, July 8, 2011

EON Issue #024

The latest issue of EON is hot off the press!

I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to reading about wormhole life from another vantage point, as I am only familiar with how we function in Adhocracy. After listening to PodGoo Podcast, I realize that we are quite a different animal from the normal WH corp.

The features of this issue are as follows!

Ship crews have long been on the wish-list for players and developers alike, yet it has taken CCP years just to release the numbers. We look at how ideas for ship crews have been put forward, ask what the issues have been that have stopped crews being a feature of EVE's combat mechanic and ponder how, if ever, New Eden's silent NPC majority might have a say as to how battles are played out in the future.

We go back to the dark days of bank bail-outs to see how impending financial armageddon urged CCP to take a fearless attitude to EVE expansions. The result was fan-favourite Apocrypha, the expansion that opened EVE to wormholes, the persistent mystery and threat of the Sleepers, and the future promise of Tech-III ships.

Continuing the wormhole theme this issue, Lex Starwalker brings us a guide to living in w-space, we have the second instalment of Pottsey's exhaustive compendium of Sleeper theories and in our regular Tesflight round-up, Kirith Kodachi gathers together some of New Eden's most successful wormholers, who reveal the ships and fittings they wouldn't leave home without.

With a third EVE novel being readied for the autumn, we tackle author Tony Gonzales to talk about his career as an EVE fan and a CCP Developer. We ask how The Empyrean Age came about and how Templar One will hopefully lead us into a universe where EVE capsuleer and DUST mercenary must share the spoils of war.

* All you need to know about the Guristas
* In Crowd with CCP Sreegs and CCP Explorer
* Profiles of Red vs Blue, Phoenix Propulsion Labs and Masuat'aa Matari
* The rise and fall of Dusk and Dawn
* How to get your mates playing and loving EVE
* CSM6 - the first weeks in office
* The 0.0 Report…and all the latest news and events