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Monday, October 25, 2010

More ISK than Brains?

Or really really smart?

2x Absolution
1x Anathema
2x Apocalypse
1x Apocalypse Navy Issue
2x Arazu
3x Armageddon
1x Astarte
2x Basilisk
2x Bestower
1x Bhaalgorn
1x Buzzard
7x Cerberus
3x Cheetah
4x Curse
1x Deimos
2x Drake
4x Falcon
1x Flycatcher
1x Heretic
2x Hound
1x Huginn
2x Hulk
1x Malediction
3x Manticore
2x Nighthawk
1x Occator
2x Pilgrim
5x Rapier
1x Raven
1x Retriever
4x Revelation
3x Rook
1x Sabre
2x Scimitar
1x Scorpion
1x Skiff
6x Sleipnir
1x Stiletto
1x Thanatos
6x Vagabond
1x Viator
1x Wolf
2x Zealot
1x Zephyr

These were all ships self destructed by our target last night.

After our hole briefly opened to a C6 hole we scanned down and eyeballed the local POS as we do, several tasty tempting things stood out to us. Juicy ships. Juicy ships and a big challenge. The potential for one hell of a pinata fest and one uber fight.

Much discussion was held before the decision was made that we were up for the challenge of taking on a corp with the potential fleet these guys had, and possibly winning and taking home some most epic toys. I mean if they had FIVE dreads and a carrier just floating in their bubble, we could only imagine what was in the hangars.

So we left our man in to gather intel, and carefully planned and plotted, and made our move. Like clockwork up went our POS, defensive wings assigned to locations, and a beefy fleet of bashers and reppers went to do its thang. Not a sign from the residents, but this didnt surprise us, their POS had gone into reinforced and they had time.

As we expected, they started logging on within 8 hours of the POS coming out of reinforcement.... we sent out an alert and our numbers spiked as well. We fully expected the fight of our lives. Bubbles up, tacklers in positions, someone positioned everywhere we could think to prevent them making a break to scan the hole out. You could taste the tension in the air as we watched more and more pilots appear, and maneuver to and launch some very intimidating ships.

There is no doubt in my mind if they had put those toys to use, they would have steamrolled us.

Then to our surprise, self destruct notifications started going off left and right. Were they bluffing? Was this some sort of insane wormhole life reverse psychology mind trick to distract us!?!?! ZOMG! But it didnt stop. Down to the last dread. With the exception of what they could load on to an orca and a carrier (and still blew up one carrier wtf?) and logged.

In the end we did get to pinata their hangar arrays and made off with some sweet rides, including two fully fitted Redeemers.

We figure their losses could have been as high as 50 billion isk worth of space stuff.

Knee jerk reaction is to think it was a cowardly move, to self destruct to either avoid the ego blow of having a kill loss.. or just deny us their toys.

But a deeper look is what is a very glaring flaw in EVE insurance payout system. Self destruction ensures they get insurance payouts for every single ship they themselves blow up. However, in a fight -and thats what this game is about, amiright??- if a pilot is podded in a wormhole with no way back in to reship, there is zero insurance payout for the ships we would have taken. So, technically they made quite a logical decision, as ass backwards as it is.

And now, I leave you with this moment of zen. Me and Embalizym with some hot ship on ship action.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Maeve Trinity : Illustration

So I've finally finished my illustration of Maeve. Figured I should finish it before the new avatars are implemented, and she deserved an homage of how she was. :)

She was done in pencil on illustration board, scanned, and painted/finished in Photoshop. I hope you all enjoy. And if there is interest, might consider commissions. :)

Oh... you can buy prints of this at deviantart here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cadillac of the Skies

After god knows how much training, and more ISK than I care to admit spending... I finally got my new shiny ride, the coveted Proteus. Hopefully my spaceship ADD will be satiated for a while after this one.... my wallet can't handle it! And this ship was definitely a critical blow!

Now lets hope she gets some kills before she is killed. ;)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

If I were Maeve...

I would probably look a bit like this!

But really.... I was poking around the new character tool and got a kick out of the fact that my exact do is in the game. I couldn't resist.

For the moment the level of customization seems pretty limited, and depending on the race/bloodline you pick, excluding your hairstyle, you'll pretty much look like everyone else that shares that race/bloodline. I hope they fix that.

I also couldn't find a replacement for Maeve's crazy fro hair, so I'm not sure exactly which way I'll go with that. Ah well... I've got plenty of time to decide!