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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Trinity Rig

The Mind Behind the Trinity Sisters
Sitting at her desk
Cape Canaveral, Florida

So I'm gonna jump on the band-wagon chocolips started over at the tweetfleet and her blog, I must confess, I have poster envy!

So that is where I spend most of my time. This space doubles as my gaming space and my work space. The nice thick glass top surface of my desk is excellent for my leather-working, and big enough for paper or my wacom (not pictured) when the mood strikes. This is why there is a mess of paints and stuff on that shelf up there.

Left to right, my 17" MacBook Pro I promised my husband I would use only for work and not for gaming (lol), my main screen, a 28". And on the right, my old 21" I hope to replace with another 28" eventually. Also have the EVE Maps book there, along with the latest issue of EON. The best part is they are all set with a Matrix screen-saver.

You can also see the microphone that hovers over my head, tormenting me to get off my ass and make a podcast.

Monday, February 22, 2010

One Night of Roc

The Mind Behind the Trinity Sisters
Sitting at her desk
Cape Canaveral, Florida

So a while back I purchased Roc Wieler's Bio, and posted my raving review of it. Not long after, I also got Roc's One Night of Roc.

It is by far a distant cry from the style of music I fell in love with in Bio, but that is not to say that One Night of Roc is not equally astounding. The line is so blurry between what is real and what is fiction, but you quickly find yourself easily slipping into the idea that it actually, physically happened. Music aside, skillfully sampled and placed tracks of roaring audiences, giving a feel that they are actually reacting to what is happening on stage.

Prime example. My favorite track, Sacrifice, a beautiful duet with Roc and a mystery lady. You can tell the moment she walks on stage, just by listening- the audience goes absolutely wild. Audience reactions aside, like I said, this is my favorite track. Much more mellow and intimate than the rest of the songs on the album, and the lyrics speak of a dynamic and deep relationship.

The album is about split between vocals and instrumental. All rock, with a tech edge. But One Night gives you the feeling of actually being there, a unique feat in itself. I daydream of the day Incarna is released, and actually attending a Roc concert at a station somewhere in New Eden, where his tracks are broadcast in-game. Wouldn't that be fantastic??

In the end, I still think Bio is my favorite of the two. Simply because that is my favorite style of music. But as far as mainstream music goes, rock is where my heart is.... and if it is rock music you like, you will not be disappointed with One Night of Roc.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Girl and her Helios

Maeve Trinity
On Board Helios "The Navigator"


A small, inconspicuous ship docked into Maeve's delivery hangar. She had finally finished her training in Frigates V and wasted no time putting out an order for a covert operations ship, a Helios. It was an unimpressive looking ship. Awkward and unattractive. But it didn't matter, this ship would spend most of its time cloaked, it wasn't meant to be looked at. The opposite rather, it was meant not to be looked at.

Plunging herself into the cockpit of the tiny frigate, she looked over all of the elaborate display consoles and scan screens. Without hesitation, she launched several probes into space and began looking for adventure. It didn't take long.

"Now this is what I'm talking about."

First, a belt of rare ore. Jackpot. This would be much help to her drone manufacturing, and what went unused would make excellent lining to her wallet.

Then, Serpentis hide aways, full of drones and good salvage. Even some modules begging to be hacked.

But her most exciting moment was the discovery of her first wormhole. She'd been inside of one once... but never found one on her own. With a gulp she jumped through.

Now, even though Maeve has spent time in Wormhole space before, this doesn't mean she actually spent any time exploring them. And more importantly, never encountered Sleepers. Her time in Wormhole space was on Wormhole guard duty in Corporations past, days, literally, staring and hoping for just one unauthorized ship to jump through.

But this time, as far as her probes and scanners could tell, this wormhole was hers, and hers alone.

Maeve opened her coms to her corporation, "Has anyone dealt with Sleepers?" Followed by a brief silence, until a lone reply came, "I dont think so Maeve....."

She stared at a Sleeper outpost on her scan readout. "Can they see through my cloak?". Again, "I don't think so Maeve...."

With a look of determination, she set The Navigator to warp to 100k, just to be safe. The warning on her display made her heart leap into her throat, she held her breath.

Maeve shit a brick.

What she saw before her was probably the most breath-taking sight she had ever witnessed in New Eden.
Please click to see the full version of this one, you wont regret it.

Zooming in as close as she could she snapped several shots. Warping from Sleeper strongold to Sleeper Outpost, taking in as much as she could.

Once she was finished feeling selfish, and properly touristy, she notified Black Thorne she had found Sleepers and would lead anyone willing to give them a shot to their strongholds.

It was a moderate success, only the three of them, two really considering she was in a non-combat ship. They managed to take down several Sleepers and empty some wrecks, but wave after wave prevented any salvaging from taking place.

After several hours gallivanting in her little pocket of wormhole space, she head back to Octanneve, looking back proudly at her Wormhole, then docked up at her home station.

"Save these images Rigel. Today has been a good day." She stared out her window, and suddenly the empty space looked much more mysterious, full of much more potential. She imagined herself, sneaking around in quick invisible little ships. "I think I may be getting closer to my calling Rigel." He clicked and bleeped, examining the images for himself, and whirred in wonder.

"Call in 10 Hygiea to the departure bay.... I'm going to actually wind down by mining at my favorite belt and stare at the beautiful storm systems of Octanneve II."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maeve's New Portrait

So.... just to shake things up a bit, I've changed Maeve portrait from her old, peaceful shot, to her with a look of mischief in her eyes.

Hope you all agree its just another step towards a new Maeve :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Out

Maeve Trinity
Niballe V – Ice Field 1
On Board Exhumer "10 Hygiea"


Maeve tapped impatiently on the navigation console of her Hulk, staring mindlessly at the massive block of ice that floated and slowly rotated at the end of her harvester beams.
She had been doing nothing but this for hours now with several of her corp mates, as part of a voluntary operation to help fuel the corporations station. She had never mined ice before, she had no idea that she was in for this. It had taken her hours to yield a single block of blue ice. HOURS. Okay maybe it didnt actually take that long.... but it certainly felt like it!

Maeve was starting to question her career path. Until the other day, she had her skills books all lined up to lead her straight into an Anshar. But she found herself in her Obelisk for several hours not long ago, hauling, consolidating junk.... jump, after jump after jump. Did she really want to do that? All the time?

She'd recently acquired a Myrmidon to compensate for her lack of long range weaponry.

"Shooting stuff is fun...." she thought. Looking back out at the massive block of ice, that still sat there, unchanged. She imagined setting explosives on it, and it blasting into a million sparkly pieces.

Clicking her coms, she said, "Rigel..... set Frigates V out for my studies... I want to fly a tech 2 ship thats NOT industrial for once." Rigel bleeped in compliance.

She sat back and smiled softly to herself.

"Time for a change."