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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roc Wieler : Bio

Sure, you always hear about fan music... maybe make the mistake of downloading a fan track and try really hard to enjoy it, just because you've got to appreciate someone is just that excited and passionate about what they are dedicating their art to..... but sometimes... no... pretty much 90% of the time... it is just plain bad.

So of course this is what I thought when I first saw an ad for Roc Wielers music, I confess.

But let me get it out there that I am a pretty massive music dork, sountracks and orchestral music especially. People look through my CD collection and think they are looking at DVDs.

I'm not sure why exactly I decided to listen to a sampe of Rocs music.... I think maybe I had read a funny post on his blog... nothing to lose right? I listened to the sample track Bio, from its name-sake album. It was good... really really good.... so I bit the bullet and ordered the CD. While waiting to get it I thought to myself, "You know its just gonna be a fluke, I'm just gonna like that one track and never listen to the rest..."

Was I ever wrong. And I am so glad I was.

The track Bio is incredible, but nowhere near my favorite.... "Children of New Eden" is mind boggling.... epic and graceful.... with a bit of an edge. I could (and do) listen to it over and over. "Brutor" & "Nemesis" make this peaceful industrial girl want to suddenly go out and start ambushing people.... they make me feel kick-ass just listening to them. I listen to "Black Hole" and start daydreaming of the day they release Ambulation.... Maeve and Aurynn chillin in a station bar...... Aurynn perhaps up to no good.... pick-pocketing.......

I could go on and on about every track on this album... they are each unique and sci-fi-exotic... but true to any good composition, there is a theme that arises through-out the entire album.

Roc has some mad musical skills.

If you are a fan of orchestral music, and are familiar with film soundtracks, think Edward Shearmur (K-Pax), Graeme Revell (Aeon Flux, The Crow) and Eric Serra (The Fifth Element). Every bit as professionally done... and wonderful to listen to. Worth every penny spent, I can't wait to hear more music like it from him.


  1. Thank you very much for the very gracious review. I really hope you will give One Night of Roc a try as well. It was my attempt to define what Minmatar music is.

  2. maybe someday, i will be famous enough! I did actually get onto the eve wiki with hulkageddon tho

  3. hey dont feel bad Hellicity! I vanity searched my name on Facebook and found a group called "Lea Evans is the funniest person Ever". Maybe I should join.