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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Still Moments

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


The kettle on Maeves small kitchen stove whistled away, distracting Maeve from her studies on Mining Barges V. Getting up she dragged herself over to the stove and poured a cup full of steaming water over a small bundle of dried tea leaves to steep. Some comforts reaching back thousands of years never change.

Rigel hovered over offering sugar and cream, which Maeve gladly accepted. She tried to keep at least some comforts in her station quarters.

Rigel, sensing her recent reclusiveness, switched on some holo-reels of Farscape for background noise. Ever since she had turned off all local channel chatter, things were very quiet... too quiet. The recent move-in of this pirate corp into her home system had turned what was once friendly helpful banter between friends into vehement petty gloating, mostly from said pirates. On top of which, they declared war on an allied industrial corp.

A knock pattered on Maeves door. It was Aurynn,

"Freck Maeve I thought you came out here because it was peaceful........" helping herself to a cup of tea, with Rigel hurrying up behind her with an attempt to offer sugar and cream... ".. and now you've just holed yourself up in this room......"

Maeve glanced up from her book... "Meh... I have a lot of studying to do anyways.... I should be ready to fly that Hulk within the week.... these guys are focusing their grief in Octanneve it seems, I might rent a temporary quarter in another system in Solitude until they get bored and move on."

Aurynn eyed Maeve dubiously. "Well... anyways did you hear our cousin Aurora graduated marketing? She is setting up shop in Jita..... if you EVER get finished training for this blasted Hulk.... then will you move on to Jump freighters? Market seems slow out here... and ships are expensive." Rummaging through Maeve's cupboards for some biscuits, she continued... "Ohhh and get this... Aurora changed her name... apparently Aurora Trinity wasn't cool enough so she switched it to Trinity Aurora.... like she is our mascot or something!"

"I dont mind" Maeve said, nose still buried in her book, "If we will be making "Trinity" drones... might as well have our main seller going by the name Trinity.... makes sense to me..."

"Pffft.... pompous if you ask me... like she thinks she is THE Trinity.... whatever...." Aurynn looked back over at Maeve, "Sis, you really need to get out of the station.... wont you be joining the corp tonight running missions for the Customs Agents?"

Maeve sighed and looked at the ceiling..."Yea.... that would probably be a good idea......."

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