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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

oooh Pretty...

So I only logged in for a tiny bit yesterday to take a look at the UI changes, mail changes, and particularly the planet re-skins.

And I felt like quite the space tourist zooming from planet to planet... ooohing and aaaahing, swirling plasma planets, earth-like planets with deep blue seas and drifting clouds.... raging storm entrenched planets, and dark, sinister glistening magma planets. Just beautiful. Does nothing but make a capsuleer wish to fly even closer.....
Though I am not sure how much I might participate in all the sovereignty and 0.0 action going on just yet..... my alt that currently lives in 0.0 isn't quite experienced enough to fly the bigger ships fleets are requiring just yet. I think my time for the most part will be spent on Maeve, watching from the sidelines how everything is going to unfold with Dominion.
So... for the most part, my experience with my brief log-in yesterday after the release of Dominion was only of superficial changes. Planets, UI, mail.. etc.... everything is looking very nice!

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