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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Toys

So along with settling in a new system and starting afresh on missions, comes some new toys.

A couple of firsts for me, a Faction ship.. a shiny new frigate for the lvl 1 missions, The Gallente Comet. I love the little thing.... super quick and looks like a space cop with its little flashy blue light. Oh, and that catalyst I was getting all nostalgic over has become a salvager.

Also, this morning I made a trip out to Jita (30+ jumps half of which are through low sec)... and bought my first T2 ship, a Viator. A ship made specifically for blockade running, that is.... escaping people who want to destroy your ship and its precious cargo. With an align time of just over 3 seconds, I think it gets the job done well. ;-) Especially when I went and blew ALL of my isk (about 400mil) on it, its fittings, and fittings for other ships back in Solitude.

I couldnt help but laugh at myself a little that my first T2 would be a friggin hauler.

Maeve, Queen of the Shopping Carts.


  1. Wow congratulations for that faction ship and Viator! And yeah the Catalyst is a really nice salvaging vessel! :-)

  2. My Gallente carebear alt loves her Viator and Anshar! Sexy haulers 4tw! Nice blog, added you to my list.

    And OMFG gorgeous art that you do! From one creative person to another, you have some amazing talent.

  3. Thanks so much Mynxee!!! It means a lot!

    I am hoping to train up for an Anshar eventually.... being out in Solitude my poor Obelisk is just sitting rotting away in Empire space..... I daren't try to fly her big slow butt a dozen jumps through low sec!

    One of these days though, my little combat alt is gonna join you out there for some devious fun ;-)