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Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Maeve Trinity

This is Maeve. My alter-ego in space. My gun-slinging, laser-beam pewing capsuleer in a speedy ship. Okay maybe she's not that cool but I like to pretend.

Maeve was born in New Eden in the MMO EVE in March of 2008. One of the things I love about EVE is that you can continue training your character as long as you are subscribed..... so, after playing for a few months last year... I put the game aside but for the most part continued training.... skills absolutely all over the place.

I've come back to the game now and have decided to give it a more dedicated go. I am trying to focus on manufacturing and trade.... some people hate it, but I do appreciate that mining and the things related to it can be a pretty slow paced thing .. which is good because that means I can work and play at the same time. Don't get me wrong tho... I am not silly enough to afk.... my workspace is right in front of my monitor. ;-)

Nothing like creating art to the hum of mining lasers. o_O

To kick-start my career back in EVE, I've decided to join Eve University, after having read about them in EON Magazine. Figured what the heck.... I could use a few "classes". However it sounds good in theory, after 10 days in the corp we're only spent 2 days out of war... and the Uni has some strict rules about remaining docked unless there is a fleet formed. Considering most of my time is spent on mid-day... not much action going on. But I guess thats what alts are for. ;-) I have however learned a bit about wormhole space.... we've made a few excursions out there..... interesting, but I still haven't seen any sleepers.

Anyways I think I hyped up E-Uni more in my mind... and am a bit disappointed. I was in a really good 0.0 sec industry corp before I stopped playing before.... I might hunt them back down if I can't stick out the 3 months it takes to be a e-uni "grad". But here's hoping I get something out of joining this corp between all the numerous and apparently pointless war decs (for instance the current war dec was put on us by a 2 man corp.... one dude and his alt apparently. He hasnt logged in once since the war was declared... ugh)

Anyhoo.... o7


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