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Friday, November 20, 2009

Settling Back In

nomming roids... why on earth do I find mining so fulfilling.
My first mining op with Black Thorne.

So, after some thinking over, I made the decision to leave E-Uni.

The corp is fantastic in theory.... but with the constant war decs from griefers... and what seems to be some massive ego's attached to the corp itself, where I found that for a corp thats newb friendly.... they would get quite impatient with simple repetitive newb questions.

Not a blanket statement about the whole corp... but I found more often than not a simple question would quickly be answered with, "go read the corp mail.." or... "its on the forums". Frankly.... most of those answers could be found in simple web searches... but people join a newb corp for quick answers.... and if people aren't willing to, and are too impatient to answer such questions... whats the point?

So, I made a handful of pilots I like to consider friends there.... and have moved on to another corp.

Which has brought me to Black Thorne Corporation. An old corporation of a decent size... but not with hundreds online at once... but just enough to keep you occupied. And VERY helpful, friendly people. Not once has one of my questions been answered with, "Go look it up."

I've moved all my stuff out to the Alliances home in Solitude, a region that definitely lives up to its name! Several jumps through 0.0, or low sec if you take the long way... to our little secluded corner of New Eden. I've only been out here a few days and its already feeling like home.

I am starting at lvl 1 missions, which is nice, easing myself back nice and easy... building my standings up with the intention of eventually having a jump clone or 2 out here. They do offer a JC service in a sister corp.. but really.. I need to get beyond lvl 1 missions!

I've tagged along for a few lvl 4 missions in my little glass cannon Brutix..... partipitated in Worlds Colide for the first time.

And at the moment I am struggling to put together a smaller ship for some of the lvl 1 missions that have limitations! lol So right now I am fitting a catalyst... I remember loving it so much the first time I flew one.... however shopping in Solitude isn't exactly easy... and sifting through my mess of a hangar is proving quite entertaining! CCP really needs to do something about hangar organization!

Until next time.... fly safe! 07


  1. Hey thank you for your nice words! :-)

    I do have the same problems with searching for items in station. At least since Apocrypha the nice search-bar on the upper right hand corner helps a lot with it (as does sorting by type). Come Dominion we will get a revamped Asset window which should help in that as well (with tabs showing e.g. only modules or only ore and stuff).
    Uh yeah Solitude is not really a shopping paradise, so if you need something please don’t forget to ask in corp chat! :-)

  2. Good to here your enjoying being part of Turgon? (zargyl?) said if theres anything you need we can either build it or ship it out...

    Nice blog..


  3. Thanks guys!

    You know I luv you!! ((HUGS)))

  4. very awesome post! glad you stumbled upon my blog and very glad to have a new friend in EVE