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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving on Up!

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Maeve came bursting though the door to her quarters, causing Rigel to spin around and bump smack into the tool-box he had been occupying himself with organizing, gurgling and bleeping with annoyance.

"Look at this Rigel!! Look!" she said waving a little slip of paper in her hand, "I flew out to speak to Albettare Changeceptan in the Fed Customs Plant at Octanneve III and she said I have been promoted to level 2 missions with their corporation!"

Looking down again at her little slip of paper, she proudly pinned it to the wall over her workdesk.

"I'm gonna need the extra ISK to start manufacturing drones! We're gonna be the biggest Drone designers in the region, Rigel, you and me! You just wait. Everyone is gonna want a Trinity Drone!"

Maeve threw down a shoulder bag she had slung around her onto her cot and rummaged out a small Image Capture Capsule.

"Some corp mates of mine were kind enough to let me assist them in some of their level 4 missions last night, and I would say that is why Albettare was willing to speak to me this morning... " holding the viewing screen towards Rigel, " look, I set the capsule to capture some images during our missions, and I think we got some nice ones!"
"I brought my newly fitted Vexor out. I'm trying railguns because after having flown my old Brutix a few nights back fitted with blasters, by the time I slow-boated out to get the targets in range, my fleet-mates had already blasted them to smithereens. I need the range" Glancing over at the Mining Barge IV book on her desk, "After I finish up studying these Mining Barge books, I'll be in the Hulk finally..... then maybe I can start training up my railgun skills..... what do you think Rigel?"

Rigel clickered doubtfully.

"I know, I know... I say it now.... but I do need to study manufacturing to begin my marketing empire.... and I do need to finish studying Drones to completely fill out my fleet of drones. So much to learn.... such a short attention span." Maeve sighed. "Lets look at more of these image captures..... that'll cheer us up."
"Look at this... this was funny... somehow I managed to catch the attention of every rat in the immediate area and proceeded to be the tank... the TANK... in my VEXOR! Imagine that. Apparently I was surviving due to the fact that I was doing something called "Speed Tanking".... just being so small and moving so quick those big guys couldn't hit me...."
"Now here is my corp-mate Arkea properly tanking... the ol' Domi looks so impressive even with the fireworks all over it.... I do need to finish properly fitting my Dominix....." Rigel bleeped in alarm, "Hahahahaha, there is no end to it is there, Rigel? It's ok.... I'm gonna try to take it slow... I'll worry about my Domi when Federations Customs has promoted me to lvl 4... and that will be a while from now I think"