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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pirate Fail

So apparently, according to our local channels the other night.... we have a Pirate corp moving into our peaceful corner of Solitude! ONOES!

I just thought I would share our first encounter with the first of these scurvies to enter our system.

So there I was, mining as usual, when an imicus rolls up and flips my can. lol... ok... and he zooms away. Then in local another miner mentions to everyone to keep an eye out for a can flipper, possibly bait. He continues like this for a little while... obviously taking massive amounts of ore in his imicus cargo and yells into local... "lol thanks for all the ore!"

Eventually (being a mess of industrialists these things dont come together quickly) we form a fleet to test the bugger out... he zooms off and comes back with... and vexor...... while here we have a Domi, a Myrm, a Hawk and a 1 or 2 other cruisers... and then of course a bunch of miners still omnomming away. Well we expected something bigger or maybe even friends... but I guess our expectations were too high for this one.

In the end he lost 3 Vexors to us.... When he was finished "pirating" us..... he left with a sign out saying something along the lines of "lol losers! We are settling out here so get used to us having some fun with you!"

But the best part was after all was said and done, it turned out he purchased his replacement ships and its fittings from people in OUR corp.



  1. Oh no, quick, evacuate while you can! *sarcasm* Fail pirates are fail. Not even worthy of the term pirate. Just simply fail :(