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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Naming of Rigel

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V - Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Maeve stood in front of the rust splattered mirror in her quarters and blew a straggling lock from her face. Disapproving the oil and grease smudges all over her face that seemed to be permanent fixtures, she sighed and slumped into a tattered arm chair.

Reaching down she picked up the small Domestic Assistance Drone (D.A.D.) of her own creation and wiped its shared grease splotches from its little hull.

"Well at least I can finish something. You should be a big help to me around here.... I know everyone else thought I was nuts putting so much effort into a 2 foot drone that does nothing but follow me around, but I need the company, and I fit you with the perfect welding tools....... and a holoreel projector."

The D.A.D. bleeped in a satisfactory response..... whirred a moment and cast a projection of her favorite reel... and ancient episode of a space adventure called "Farscape". The episode, "Rhapsody in Blue".... aahh this little guy knew her well already.

"I think I'll call you "Rigel"...... you remind me of that little guy the way you float around incessantly.... except you're more helpful... I think..."

She cast a dubious glare at Rigel, and winked. It bleeped in recognition of its new name... feeling full of purpose and identity. She patted him on what would seem to be its head, and pushed it on its way to carry off duties she had previously assigned to it, such as picking up the tools and papers scattered haphazardly across her quarters, which also doubled as her workshop.

Maeve looked forlornly over at the Cybernetics manual sitting at her bedside, a skill she has been training for to fit a few of the coveted +5 enhancements.... and thought about how she should actually be completing her training for her hulk..... or finishing up the 2 days left on covert ops for her Viator..... or training for those T2 blasters.... or a tweaking her Dominix....

She had started and stopped studies on more skills than she could count. Progression seemed to be going nowhere. She got up and flopped down into the many cushions on her cot, face down, covered her head with a pillow and screamed. After her brief tantrum she looked back over to the book and picked it up.

"This is going to be another 16 days study.... I NEED to get into that Hulk. Sorry implants.... you're gonna have to wait a while."

Rigel hovered over and removed the Cybernetics book from her nightstand, and replaced it with Astrogeology V.

"In the mean time, I need to seek out my Federation Customs Agents and inquire about whether or not they feel I've proven myself enough to be promoted to level 2 missions. I need the ISK... I need the standings..... wish me luck Rigel."

With that, Maeve straighted her mass of unruly hair as best she could.... attempted again to remove some of the grease stains from her face - unsuccessfully - and head off to the Agents offices.


  1. The Domestic Assistance Drone? Hahaha, I am absolutely keeping that!

    I look forward to hearing more of Maeve's life in space :)

  2. I have to second Quintrala. That indeed is a nifty piece of equipment! I guess I will have to order one of your Domestic Assistance Drones as well - as I seem to fail at even reprogramming my mining drones to do some work for me. Even reprogrammed civil mining drones just shoot at my desk and try to extract wood from it instead of tidying up. *sigh* Can I order one? At least as long as Rigel doesn’t feel less unique because of that ...

  3. As long as you dont name your D.A.D. "Rigel", everything should be fine! ;-D