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Monday, November 23, 2009

New Toys

So along with settling in a new system and starting afresh on missions, comes some new toys.

A couple of firsts for me, a Faction ship.. a shiny new frigate for the lvl 1 missions, The Gallente Comet. I love the little thing.... super quick and looks like a space cop with its little flashy blue light. Oh, and that catalyst I was getting all nostalgic over has become a salvager.

Also, this morning I made a trip out to Jita (30+ jumps half of which are through low sec)... and bought my first T2 ship, a Viator. A ship made specifically for blockade running, that is.... escaping people who want to destroy your ship and its precious cargo. With an align time of just over 3 seconds, I think it gets the job done well. ;-) Especially when I went and blew ALL of my isk (about 400mil) on it, its fittings, and fittings for other ships back in Solitude.

I couldnt help but laugh at myself a little that my first T2 would be a friggin hauler.

Maeve, Queen of the Shopping Carts.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Settling Back In

nomming roids... why on earth do I find mining so fulfilling.
My first mining op with Black Thorne.

So, after some thinking over, I made the decision to leave E-Uni.

The corp is fantastic in theory.... but with the constant war decs from griefers... and what seems to be some massive ego's attached to the corp itself, where I found that for a corp thats newb friendly.... they would get quite impatient with simple repetitive newb questions.

Not a blanket statement about the whole corp... but I found more often than not a simple question would quickly be answered with, "go read the corp mail.." or... "its on the forums". Frankly.... most of those answers could be found in simple web searches... but people join a newb corp for quick answers.... and if people aren't willing to, and are too impatient to answer such questions... whats the point?

So, I made a handful of pilots I like to consider friends there.... and have moved on to another corp.

Which has brought me to Black Thorne Corporation. An old corporation of a decent size... but not with hundreds online at once... but just enough to keep you occupied. And VERY helpful, friendly people. Not once has one of my questions been answered with, "Go look it up."

I've moved all my stuff out to the Alliances home in Solitude, a region that definitely lives up to its name! Several jumps through 0.0, or low sec if you take the long way... to our little secluded corner of New Eden. I've only been out here a few days and its already feeling like home.

I am starting at lvl 1 missions, which is nice, easing myself back nice and easy... building my standings up with the intention of eventually having a jump clone or 2 out here. They do offer a JC service in a sister corp.. but really.. I need to get beyond lvl 1 missions!

I've tagged along for a few lvl 4 missions in my little glass cannon Brutix..... partipitated in Worlds Colide for the first time.

And at the moment I am struggling to put together a smaller ship for some of the lvl 1 missions that have limitations! lol So right now I am fitting a catalyst... I remember loving it so much the first time I flew one.... however shopping in Solitude isn't exactly easy... and sifting through my mess of a hangar is proving quite entertaining! CCP really needs to do something about hangar organization!

Until next time.... fly safe! 07

Friday, November 13, 2009

Meet Maeve Trinity

This is Maeve. My alter-ego in space. My gun-slinging, laser-beam pewing capsuleer in a speedy ship. Okay maybe she's not that cool but I like to pretend.

Maeve was born in New Eden in the MMO EVE in March of 2008. One of the things I love about EVE is that you can continue training your character as long as you are subscribed..... so, after playing for a few months last year... I put the game aside but for the most part continued training.... skills absolutely all over the place.

I've come back to the game now and have decided to give it a more dedicated go. I am trying to focus on manufacturing and trade.... some people hate it, but I do appreciate that mining and the things related to it can be a pretty slow paced thing .. which is good because that means I can work and play at the same time. Don't get me wrong tho... I am not silly enough to afk.... my workspace is right in front of my monitor. ;-)

Nothing like creating art to the hum of mining lasers. o_O

To kick-start my career back in EVE, I've decided to join Eve University, after having read about them in EON Magazine. Figured what the heck.... I could use a few "classes". However it sounds good in theory, after 10 days in the corp we're only spent 2 days out of war... and the Uni has some strict rules about remaining docked unless there is a fleet formed. Considering most of my time is spent on mid-day... not much action going on. But I guess thats what alts are for. ;-) I have however learned a bit about wormhole space.... we've made a few excursions out there..... interesting, but I still haven't seen any sleepers.

Anyways I think I hyped up E-Uni more in my mind... and am a bit disappointed. I was in a really good 0.0 sec industry corp before I stopped playing before.... I might hunt them back down if I can't stick out the 3 months it takes to be a e-uni "grad". But here's hoping I get something out of joining this corp between all the numerous and apparently pointless war decs (for instance the current war dec was put on us by a 2 man corp.... one dude and his alt apparently. He hasnt logged in once since the war was declared... ugh)

Anyhoo.... o7