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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Beginnings

Maeve Trinity
IX - Federation Customs Testing Facilities


It only seemed appropriate to Maeve that she return to Oursulaert to begin her search for a new home in New Eden. In essence, to start over.

Oursulaert, where she learned to pilot a ship, learned her basics and essentials, and made her first friends. It was like returning to a home town.

Stepping into the Federation Navy Station, where she began her first mission runs, she was overwhelmed with old familiar smells and sights. Sure Solitude was under Gallente Sovereignty, but it was far away from Empire and foods had to be shipped and stored. The journey there wasn't an easy one. And nothing beat real fresh Gallentean foods. Meats laden with heavy sauces, quick food stalls with ready to eat cheese baguettes and of course the ubiquitous grilled mystery meats on a stick. She felt giddy with nostalgia.

Though she needed to remain focused. A welcome reprieve and time to gather her thoughts, she knew it would only be temporary.

Most of her belongings she liquidated in Solitude, and only brought with her two ships and the necessities of life she could fit into their cargo holds. In one trunk she managed to fit all of her blueprints, her modest wardrobe, some family heirlooms and trinkets and of course Rigel, her favorite little domestic assistance drone.

She unpacked into a small rented quarter with the Federation Customs. Her reputation was high with them now, so she got a good rate.

Her prospective new corporations was finally narrowing down, from over half a dozen public channel tabs, to only two. Application and formal interview submitted to one. Now all she could do was wait.

"Rigel, Farscape please. Episode; Rhapsody in Blue." With a whir the holoreel projected onto a blank wall in the darkened room. She curled up on her rented cot, flipping through recent conversation logs, new friends made, so much future potential. She knew sleep would be a hard creature to capture this night.

As she nodded off to the sounds of Zhaan, and John Crichton... thoughts and half dreams of her future drifted into her mind.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Departing Solitude

Maeve stood staring out the expansive window of the viewing level in a station of Octanneve. Her eyes resting on one of the numerous blue planets there, perhaps for the last time.

For Maeve had handed in her resignation papers to The Black Thorne Corporation the night before, her time in Solitude would soon come to an end. Solitude, a system she had spent more time in than any in her entire career in New Eden. It had become a place dear to her heart, with many little pockets to hide away in, and belts with the most beautiful vistas of Octanneves planets floating blissfully just beyond, its warm red sun glowing in the distance.

She fiddled with a data-pad filled with messages from soon to be x corp mates that ranged from sadness and support to vehement rage. She looked back out at the swirling clouds, and knew she needed to stick with her decision. It was the angry ones that surprised her, and reminded her she was making the right move.

Big Momma, Ready to Roll

She didn't know where she was going.

But she knew her priority was first and foremost finding another group of people she enjoyed flying with, and calling her own. Second to that, becoming a solid asset within a corp where her skills could be put to use and appreciated.

Not a tall order, at least she thought, and she had several options open to her at this point. In a way it came down to a matter of reverse interviewing she supposed. Would she disappoint them? Would they disappoint her? Did she have the skills required? Would they share her strange sense of humor? So many questions. She needed to make sure wherever her path went, the fit would be good.

Corp mates become family to Maeve, and not a decision to be made on a whim. And those she has considered friends from day one are still kept in her address book, and checked in on from time to time. Soljisk, her first real CEO, she still held on a pedestal, everything she knew about being a capsuleer to this day she's convinced she learned from him.

Yes, Maeve would miss Solitude. But deep inside, the prospect of spreading her wings and trying something new was quite frightening and thrilling all at once.

On a side note; while attempting to move a few of her ships out of 0.0 space before her 24 hours timer expired, she did lose a bomber to an impressive blob guarding the last gate out before low sec. At least 4 sling bubbles as she could see and who knows how many pilots. She had evaded their camp on the jump in, and perhaps got too cocky, thinking everyone in local was at the gate she had just escaped.

But she's proud to say, that although she was severely outnumbered, she managed to take out a T2 ship worth MUCH more than hers before the 9 of them who had her targeted took her down. In the end... the isk damage was worse on their end than Maeve, 3 fold. It made her feel a little better about her pvp capabilities. And a tiny bit more tempted to humor the offers into pvp corps.

Enjoy: Solo Kill - severely outnumbered.

This little kitty bit back =^-^=

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sun, Moon & Stars

There is this old book I have that I had forgotten about.

I purchased it in Covent Garden in London some years ago at a little antiques book shop. As I've mentioned in the past, coming from a NASA family and being so close to all things space my entire life, I snatched this little gem up without hesitation.

This morning I flipped through it and thought it might be worth sharing with you folks out in New Eden.

The author of this book is actually a woman (quite unusual for its time, published in 1879) one Agnes Giberne, and she had quite the imagination. I look at her illustrations, and read her daydreamings and smile. She was only a century too early.

She ponders sitting on the surface of the moon, looking back at the earth and says,

"The stars shine with dazzling brightness, and the huge body of earth, always seeming to hang motionless at one fixed point in the sky, gives brilliant light, though at present only half her face is lit up and half is in shadow. Still her shape is plainly to be seen... She covers a space on the sky more than a dozen times as large as that covered by the full moon in our sky.

It would be worth while to stay here, and watch the half-earth grow into magnificent full-earth."

This image of the Earth rise was taken
during lunar orbit by the Apollo 11 mission crew in July of 1969.

Then compare photos taken from one of the lunar landings, you would think, she in fact had experienced this first hand.

An imagined illustration of and "earth-rise" from the moon.

I love this quote:

"And as our journeyings together are for a while to be away from earth, we shall find ourselves obliged to count her as something quite small in the great universe, where so many larger and mightier things are to be found, -if indeed they are mightier.

Not that we have to say good-bye altogether to our old home. We must linger about her for a while before starting, and afterwards it will be often needful to come back, with speed swifter than the flight of light, that we may compare notes on the sizes and conditions of other places visited by us."

These thoughts and wonders, shared by us today, from a woman over a century ago. Some already have come true, "we must linger about her for a while before starting,"..... is exactly our International Space Station... paving our way to further reaches of space.

And her quote is also, in some way, a connection to our fantasy in EVE, exploration.... and the dream to return to our "old home", with a realization of flying at the speed of light.