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Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Beginnings

Maeve Trinity
IX - Federation Customs Testing Facilities


It only seemed appropriate to Maeve that she return to Oursulaert to begin her search for a new home in New Eden. In essence, to start over.

Oursulaert, where she learned to pilot a ship, learned her basics and essentials, and made her first friends. It was like returning to a home town.

Stepping into the Federation Navy Station, where she began her first mission runs, she was overwhelmed with old familiar smells and sights. Sure Solitude was under Gallente Sovereignty, but it was far away from Empire and foods had to be shipped and stored. The journey there wasn't an easy one. And nothing beat real fresh Gallentean foods. Meats laden with heavy sauces, quick food stalls with ready to eat cheese baguettes and of course the ubiquitous grilled mystery meats on a stick. She felt giddy with nostalgia.

Though she needed to remain focused. A welcome reprieve and time to gather her thoughts, she knew it would only be temporary.

Most of her belongings she liquidated in Solitude, and only brought with her two ships and the necessities of life she could fit into their cargo holds. In one trunk she managed to fit all of her blueprints, her modest wardrobe, some family heirlooms and trinkets and of course Rigel, her favorite little domestic assistance drone.

She unpacked into a small rented quarter with the Federation Customs. Her reputation was high with them now, so she got a good rate.

Her prospective new corporations was finally narrowing down, from over half a dozen public channel tabs, to only two. Application and formal interview submitted to one. Now all she could do was wait.

"Rigel, Farscape please. Episode; Rhapsody in Blue." With a whir the holoreel projected onto a blank wall in the darkened room. She curled up on her rented cot, flipping through recent conversation logs, new friends made, so much future potential. She knew sleep would be a hard creature to capture this night.

As she nodded off to the sounds of Zhaan, and John Crichton... thoughts and half dreams of her future drifted into her mind.


  1. Congratulations on your decision and acceptance. We will miss you though we hardly knew you.

    When you get bored with the good guys over in Mediocracy, come hit us up. The door is always closed, the w'holes will always open. :)

    In all seriousness, good luck and fly safe.

  2. Thanks so much Kename for your consideration!!! :)It was appreciated! But in the end between an active membership and very similar personalities to my own, Adhocracy definitely felt like the right fit for me! :)