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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Still Moments

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


The kettle on Maeves small kitchen stove whistled away, distracting Maeve from her studies on Mining Barges V. Getting up she dragged herself over to the stove and poured a cup full of steaming water over a small bundle of dried tea leaves to steep. Some comforts reaching back thousands of years never change.

Rigel hovered over offering sugar and cream, which Maeve gladly accepted. She tried to keep at least some comforts in her station quarters.

Rigel, sensing her recent reclusiveness, switched on some holo-reels of Farscape for background noise. Ever since she had turned off all local channel chatter, things were very quiet... too quiet. The recent move-in of this pirate corp into her home system had turned what was once friendly helpful banter between friends into vehement petty gloating, mostly from said pirates. On top of which, they declared war on an allied industrial corp.

A knock pattered on Maeves door. It was Aurynn,

"Freck Maeve I thought you came out here because it was peaceful........" helping herself to a cup of tea, with Rigel hurrying up behind her with an attempt to offer sugar and cream... ".. and now you've just holed yourself up in this room......"

Maeve glanced up from her book... "Meh... I have a lot of studying to do anyways.... I should be ready to fly that Hulk within the week.... these guys are focusing their grief in Octanneve it seems, I might rent a temporary quarter in another system in Solitude until they get bored and move on."

Aurynn eyed Maeve dubiously. "Well... anyways did you hear our cousin Aurora graduated marketing? She is setting up shop in Jita..... if you EVER get finished training for this blasted Hulk.... then will you move on to Jump freighters? Market seems slow out here... and ships are expensive." Rummaging through Maeve's cupboards for some biscuits, she continued... "Ohhh and get this... Aurora changed her name... apparently Aurora Trinity wasn't cool enough so she switched it to Trinity Aurora.... like she is our mascot or something!"

"I dont mind" Maeve said, nose still buried in her book, "If we will be making "Trinity" drones... might as well have our main seller going by the name Trinity.... makes sense to me..."

"Pffft.... pompous if you ask me... like she thinks she is THE Trinity.... whatever...." Aurynn looked back over at Maeve, "Sis, you really need to get out of the station.... wont you be joining the corp tonight running missions for the Customs Agents?"

Maeve sighed and looked at the ceiling..."Yea.... that would probably be a good idea......."

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pirate Fail

So apparently, according to our local channels the other night.... we have a Pirate corp moving into our peaceful corner of Solitude! ONOES!

I just thought I would share our first encounter with the first of these scurvies to enter our system.

So there I was, mining as usual, when an imicus rolls up and flips my can. lol... ok... and he zooms away. Then in local another miner mentions to everyone to keep an eye out for a can flipper, possibly bait. He continues like this for a little while... obviously taking massive amounts of ore in his imicus cargo and yells into local... "lol thanks for all the ore!"

Eventually (being a mess of industrialists these things dont come together quickly) we form a fleet to test the bugger out... he zooms off and comes back with... and vexor...... while here we have a Domi, a Myrm, a Hawk and a 1 or 2 other cruisers... and then of course a bunch of miners still omnomming away. Well we expected something bigger or maybe even friends... but I guess our expectations were too high for this one.

In the end he lost 3 Vexors to us.... When he was finished "pirating" us..... he left with a sign out saying something along the lines of "lol losers! We are settling out here so get used to us having some fun with you!"

But the best part was after all was said and done, it turned out he purchased his replacement ships and its fittings from people in OUR corp.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Roc Wieler : Bio

Sure, you always hear about fan music... maybe make the mistake of downloading a fan track and try really hard to enjoy it, just because you've got to appreciate someone is just that excited and passionate about what they are dedicating their art to..... but sometimes... no... pretty much 90% of the time... it is just plain bad.

So of course this is what I thought when I first saw an ad for Roc Wielers music, I confess.

But let me get it out there that I am a pretty massive music dork, sountracks and orchestral music especially. People look through my CD collection and think they are looking at DVDs.

I'm not sure why exactly I decided to listen to a sampe of Rocs music.... I think maybe I had read a funny post on his blog... nothing to lose right? I listened to the sample track Bio, from its name-sake album. It was good... really really good.... so I bit the bullet and ordered the CD. While waiting to get it I thought to myself, "You know its just gonna be a fluke, I'm just gonna like that one track and never listen to the rest..."

Was I ever wrong. And I am so glad I was.

The track Bio is incredible, but nowhere near my favorite.... "Children of New Eden" is mind boggling.... epic and graceful.... with a bit of an edge. I could (and do) listen to it over and over. "Brutor" & "Nemesis" make this peaceful industrial girl want to suddenly go out and start ambushing people.... they make me feel kick-ass just listening to them. I listen to "Black Hole" and start daydreaming of the day they release Ambulation.... Maeve and Aurynn chillin in a station bar...... Aurynn perhaps up to no good.... pick-pocketing.......

I could go on and on about every track on this album... they are each unique and sci-fi-exotic... but true to any good composition, there is a theme that arises through-out the entire album.

Roc has some mad musical skills.

If you are a fan of orchestral music, and are familiar with film soundtracks, think Edward Shearmur (K-Pax), Graeme Revell (Aeon Flux, The Crow) and Eric Serra (The Fifth Element). Every bit as professionally done... and wonderful to listen to. Worth every penny spent, I can't wait to hear more music like it from him.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Views of Dominion I

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Maeve walked to her shoulder bag and pulled out a small image capture chip. She had programmed said chip to capture images from the camera drones installed onto her various ships.

Turning to her communications console, she plugged in the chip, and clicked, "Broadcast".

"I think I might do more of this Rigel." Rigel's little lighted eyes gazed at the images projecting on screen, whirring in awe, "There are some beautiful sights to be seen when you're not staring to hard at the asteroids, or trying to fight or flee a gate ambush..... sometimes people don't take a moment to notice....."

With that she smiled and watched the upload status complete, and imagined those beautiful vistas floating out across the cosmos.

Enjoy. :)

1920x1200 *

*Apparently Blogger scaled these down to 1600 x 1000, contact me and I'll be glad to send you the full size versions :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

What Storms Bring

ooc: This image was much touched up by moi ;-)

"Maeve! Maeve!! Do you read? For fucks sake Maeve, do you read!?"

The communications console on Maeves Retriever "Scuttlebutt" flickered an image of a frigate class Amarr ship flying through what seemed to be a cosmic storm, so badly obscured by interference it could hardly be made out.

Maeve sat with her feet kicked up on the console, completely oblivious and passed out, head back and arm dangling, with the tiniest bit of drool making an attempt for escape.


Maeve snorted and blinked awake, mining lazers humming familiarly in the background.

"Maeve I don't know if you can read me, but my ship is freked...." the sound interference breaking up most of the message... "I"m going to try to...... and make it through to the.... I'm trying to figure out.... FUCK Maeve what..... Solitude? Oh for fucks sake....." And the coms console flickered off.

Maeve sat staring, dumbfounded at the now blank screen. It was her sister, Aurynn who as far as she knew was still undergoing her education at The Center for Advanced Studies in Clellinon. She hadn't heard from her in what felt like years. Aurynn had always been for the most part, impossible to reach, always off trying to find adventure in the cosmos..... and by the looks of things, "adventure" had found her.

Maeve looked at the time of the transmission from her sister. It had been severely delayed incoming, originally broadcast the night before.

"I've got to get back to the station and find out if Concord has received any distress calls....."

Without even bothering to deactivate her strip miners, she aligned for her home station.

Before heading to the Concord offices, Maeve stopped in her quarters to drop her things and set Rigel to keep alert for an Aurynn Trinity and comply to any services she might request. Before she could even step through the door, she saw a small piece of paper laying on her cot, a note... she looked back towards the door and noticed it had been jimmied open. Rigel spun in circles in alarm, bleeping so quickly and erratically it was obvious he had much to object about the situation.

"Its okay Rigel..... that intruder was my sister..." Rigel clickered in acknowledgment. She reached down and picked up the note.

"Hey sis...

You need a better lock.
My ship is fried and its the only one I've got... can you fix it?
I'm broke.
I've arranged for quarters at Octanneve V, with the Sisters of Eve. I told them I'll pay for my rental deposit today... you can help with that right?

Oh and... nice drone....."

Maeve huffed and crumpled up the note, throwing it to the floor and fell straight back onto her cot, staring up at the paper peeling from the top of the wall. She could hear Rigel hovering over to the note, having identified it as waste, incinerating it.

Octanneve V Sisters of Eve Bureau

Maeve came to the door to the quarters she was told by the Sisters was registered to an Aurynn Trinity early that morning. Sighing, she knocked. The peep hole slid open, her sister's gray eye peering dubiously, almost comically, through the little slit, then slammed shut. The door opened.

Aurynn was much like Maeve in height and build, small of frame, with nice graceful Gallentaen poise, and soft delicate features. However in dress and grooming they couldn't have been less alike. Aurynn's hair was cropped short and jet black, oiled to a glistening sheen and adorned with a dainty hairclip with long graceful gold feathers, and a golden ensemble she wore to match. Maeve couldn't have been any more the opposite. Hair in such a massive mess you couldn't tell if it was supposed to be long or short..... a tattered leather work suit with more buckles than there could possibly be purpose for. And of course.... the oil smudges across her face and fingers stained dark from grease and paint.

"Holy Hell Maeve what the freck happened to you??" Of course Maeve was completely oblivious to her own state... she was an industrialist and worked in a corp full of men... it was a mark of the trade... but that was besides the point and she was getting annoyed...

"Forget about me... what the freck happened to you??"

Aurynn stepped back from the door allowing Maeve to follow her in, and set about unpacking and arranging her new quarters, "Oh that....yea you wouldn't have believed!!! There I was, just scanning for some anomalies, just, you know... poking around... so I just warped into this one I found, and I'd never seen anything like it!!! It was some sort of electrical storm... I didn't even know we could have those in space? What the Hell right? Anyways it absolutely FRIED my ship... nothing works on it except the engines, no guns, no shields.... and these frecking Sisters made me go deliver a bunch of dolls for my breakfast. What the Hell is that all about? Dolls? I might nick one and see if there is something stashed inside them... they seem to have an obsession with them..."

Maeve raised her hand, "Can I talk?"

Aurynn was inspecting the wallpaper, "This is DEFINITELY gonna need to be replaced... oh ya Maeve, wha?"

"I'll fix your ship for you..... but I really hope you're not moving out here for me to support you! I'm barely making it by on my own., and..."

"Ohh ppfffftt.... nah.... I think I can handle doll dealing with these sisters..... I'll be fine..." Aurynn's attention shifted to the top of Maeve's head, "What the Hell happened to your hair!? It looks like you've got something nesting in there!"

Maeve shoved Aurynn with a scowl, and Aurynn hooted hysterically.

With that Maeve stormed off back towards her shuttle, unconsciously trying to fix her hair, grumbling about an honest days work and not having the luxury of flying around in shiny golden Amarr ships....

Behind her Aurynn shouted, "Love ya sis!"

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Views From Larryn

Maeve Trinity
From the Pilots Bridge
of the Brutix "Goblin King"

Larryn System

I really just wanted to share with everyone this beautiful tranquil view out the window of my Brutix while touring through Larryn eariler. Just breathtaking.
More tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Moving on Up!

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Maeve came bursting though the door to her quarters, causing Rigel to spin around and bump smack into the tool-box he had been occupying himself with organizing, gurgling and bleeping with annoyance.

"Look at this Rigel!! Look!" she said waving a little slip of paper in her hand, "I flew out to speak to Albettare Changeceptan in the Fed Customs Plant at Octanneve III and she said I have been promoted to level 2 missions with their corporation!"

Looking down again at her little slip of paper, she proudly pinned it to the wall over her workdesk.

"I'm gonna need the extra ISK to start manufacturing drones! We're gonna be the biggest Drone designers in the region, Rigel, you and me! You just wait. Everyone is gonna want a Trinity Drone!"

Maeve threw down a shoulder bag she had slung around her onto her cot and rummaged out a small Image Capture Capsule.

"Some corp mates of mine were kind enough to let me assist them in some of their level 4 missions last night, and I would say that is why Albettare was willing to speak to me this morning... " holding the viewing screen towards Rigel, " look, I set the capsule to capture some images during our missions, and I think we got some nice ones!"
"I brought my newly fitted Vexor out. I'm trying railguns because after having flown my old Brutix a few nights back fitted with blasters, by the time I slow-boated out to get the targets in range, my fleet-mates had already blasted them to smithereens. I need the range" Glancing over at the Mining Barge IV book on her desk, "After I finish up studying these Mining Barge books, I'll be in the Hulk finally..... then maybe I can start training up my railgun skills..... what do you think Rigel?"

Rigel clickered doubtfully.

"I know, I know... I say it now.... but I do need to study manufacturing to begin my marketing empire.... and I do need to finish studying Drones to completely fill out my fleet of drones. So much to learn.... such a short attention span." Maeve sighed. "Lets look at more of these image captures..... that'll cheer us up."
"Look at this... this was funny... somehow I managed to catch the attention of every rat in the immediate area and proceeded to be the tank... the TANK... in my VEXOR! Imagine that. Apparently I was surviving due to the fact that I was doing something called "Speed Tanking".... just being so small and moving so quick those big guys couldn't hit me...."
"Now here is my corp-mate Arkea properly tanking... the ol' Domi looks so impressive even with the fireworks all over it.... I do need to finish properly fitting my Dominix....." Rigel bleeped in alarm, "Hahahahaha, there is no end to it is there, Rigel? It's ok.... I'm gonna try to take it slow... I'll worry about my Domi when Federations Customs has promoted me to lvl 4... and that will be a while from now I think"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Becoming Part of the Community

I was recently contacted by the well known CrazyKinux and was told I've been added to the most excellent Player Blogroll! yay!

It means a lot, as I am a long time follower (and listener) of his... and have found many wonderful other EVE blogs via his website. I am very glad to be a part of it!

I've also created a Twitter account for Maeve (@MaeveTrinity) .... if anyone is ever bychance interested in my completely random ramblings.... since apparently I need to be doing something EVE-ish even when sitting on the couch watching TV...... making a half-hearted attempt to do something not EVEish!

Maeve had lots of adventures tonight, I am sure we'll be hearing a report from her tomorrow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Naming of Rigel

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V - Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Maeve stood in front of the rust splattered mirror in her quarters and blew a straggling lock from her face. Disapproving the oil and grease smudges all over her face that seemed to be permanent fixtures, she sighed and slumped into a tattered arm chair.

Reaching down she picked up the small Domestic Assistance Drone (D.A.D.) of her own creation and wiped its shared grease splotches from its little hull.

"Well at least I can finish something. You should be a big help to me around here.... I know everyone else thought I was nuts putting so much effort into a 2 foot drone that does nothing but follow me around, but I need the company, and I fit you with the perfect welding tools....... and a holoreel projector."

The D.A.D. bleeped in a satisfactory response..... whirred a moment and cast a projection of her favorite reel... and ancient episode of a space adventure called "Farscape". The episode, "Rhapsody in Blue".... aahh this little guy knew her well already.

"I think I'll call you "Rigel"...... you remind me of that little guy the way you float around incessantly.... except you're more helpful... I think..."

She cast a dubious glare at Rigel, and winked. It bleeped in recognition of its new name... feeling full of purpose and identity. She patted him on what would seem to be its head, and pushed it on its way to carry off duties she had previously assigned to it, such as picking up the tools and papers scattered haphazardly across her quarters, which also doubled as her workshop.

Maeve looked forlornly over at the Cybernetics manual sitting at her bedside, a skill she has been training for to fit a few of the coveted +5 enhancements.... and thought about how she should actually be completing her training for her hulk..... or finishing up the 2 days left on covert ops for her Viator..... or training for those T2 blasters.... or a tweaking her Dominix....

She had started and stopped studies on more skills than she could count. Progression seemed to be going nowhere. She got up and flopped down into the many cushions on her cot, face down, covered her head with a pillow and screamed. After her brief tantrum she looked back over to the book and picked it up.

"This is going to be another 16 days study.... I NEED to get into that Hulk. Sorry implants.... you're gonna have to wait a while."

Rigel hovered over and removed the Cybernetics book from her nightstand, and replaced it with Astrogeology V.

"In the mean time, I need to seek out my Federation Customs Agents and inquire about whether or not they feel I've proven myself enough to be promoted to level 2 missions. I need the ISK... I need the standings..... wish me luck Rigel."

With that, Maeve straighted her mass of unruly hair as best she could.... attempted again to remove some of the grease stains from her face - unsuccessfully - and head off to the Agents offices.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

oooh Pretty...

So I only logged in for a tiny bit yesterday to take a look at the UI changes, mail changes, and particularly the planet re-skins.

And I felt like quite the space tourist zooming from planet to planet... ooohing and aaaahing, swirling plasma planets, earth-like planets with deep blue seas and drifting clouds.... raging storm entrenched planets, and dark, sinister glistening magma planets. Just beautiful. Does nothing but make a capsuleer wish to fly even closer.....
Though I am not sure how much I might participate in all the sovereignty and 0.0 action going on just yet..... my alt that currently lives in 0.0 isn't quite experienced enough to fly the bigger ships fleets are requiring just yet. I think my time for the most part will be spent on Maeve, watching from the sidelines how everything is going to unfold with Dominion.
So... for the most part, my experience with my brief log-in yesterday after the release of Dominion was only of superficial changes. Planets, UI, mail.. etc.... everything is looking very nice!