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Thursday, September 8, 2011

V is for Vendetta

Maeve Trinity
Jita IV Moon 4
Caldari State

The Forge

Smoke wafted gently through the air, gathering in soft rolling clouds across the ceiling of one of the numerous bars at Jita IV-4, bars that barely passed as hallways with a few haphazardly strewn stools and high bars.

Maeve's life in wormholes had hardened her up a bit compared to her days carelessly mining and trading in K space. Much to her surprise, those pilots she might have once found quite frightening and would go so far as to take another route to reach her destination just to avoid them, now reminded her much of her beloved comrades in ADHC. The Gods know she has partaken in more than her fair share of nefarious activities living in lawless and ever changing wormhole space. So here she found herself, as one of "those" frightening, and dubious folk. Yet somehow, through it all, she liked to think of herself as a nice person.

But this job, this job was for someone all together without remorse, someone who could walk the right walk, and when the time was right, strike.

Their eyes met across the small table they shared, Maeve doing her best to look as intimidating and confident as she could... while the other, well lets call her "V".. with like eyes unflinching, only to casually look away to take in a long drag from whatever the rolled substance was she was enjoying. V did not offer, and Maeve did not ask.

"So..." Maeve leaned back pushing a data pad across and looked into V's piercing eyes, V's expression unchanged, casually sliding the pad to herself looking over the numbers, tapped a few keys in and pushed it back.

"This will do," another drag, ".. and this is going to take time.. and ISK..." Eyes locking again with Maeve's.

"Yes, I understand...." taking back her data pad and glancing down at it, "So we are in agreement then?"

V stood up, "I already entered my info for the initial transaction onto your pad", and as she turned to walk away, flicking her now exhausted bud to the floor, over her shoulder she said "Consider this operation underway. You keep theISK flowing, and we'll keep in touch"

Without looking back, she disappeared into the smoke and shadows.

Maeve was frozen and stared into the space V once stood. Not sure if she should jump up and cheer, or if she should just be happy she gets to keep her current clone.

Either way, this operation has begun.

Maeve walked back to the docking bay and smiled softly as her Proteus hovered gently there waiting for her. For all intents and purposes, this was her home in wormhole space. Inside her heart warmed at the thought of returning to the unknowns warm embrace, and her dear friends that would be waiting for her there.

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