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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wormhole Warriors

Because quite often, other people's stories are way more entertaining than my own, I thought I would share this gem.

So I'm sure you might remember my two old friends I mentioned in my last post who have joined me in Adhocracy; Tippytai and Krrar.

The other day I received a fantastic eve-mail from Tippy about their "preparation for joining a WH corp" shenanigans.

Enjoy, hopefully you got a good laugh like I did. ;)

Krrar and I set out to do some wormhole fighting vrs rats to do something new and to make some ISK right? Well we go in and find a C3 wormhole, with 2 nice hacking sites. We warp there and fight rats, which eventually start owning us and we gotta warp away. Right as I'm warping I hit my ship scanner and notice 5 combat scanner probes on there, apparently looking for us! We make the wise move to get the hell out of that system...

Unfortunately that is where the wise moves stop. After this little escapade I mention to Krrar that we should try out some combat in WH space if we are in fact going to be living in there, just to grow accustomed to it. We both spend 30 minutes or so figuring out fits for stealth bombers and come back into the wormhole to see about getting some combat action under our belt. We scout out the wormhole entrance for 30 minutes or so just to see the traffic. We see a Tengu that keeps warping in and out so I tell Krrar that the next time that gate activates, we are shooting our bombs at it.

5 minutes later it flashes. We both shoot our bombs "at the gate." My bomb overshoots the gate by like 10km high and doesn't come close to hitting the guy. Krrar managed to either hit himself with his bomb or get hit by my bomb. His shields are toast. We both spam our cloaking devices and managed to toggle them on and back off again. In a moment of panic Krrar warps to the hacking site we were at earlier...except he warped in to the 3 BS's we left there and ended up faceplanting into an asteroid so his cloaking device was no good, he was gone.

I warped away to another wormhole I scouted out earlier. With Krrar deceased I decided it wouldn't hurt to do a little scouting and see if there's more action in that wormhole. I go through it and head to the nearest planet to do some ship scanning. Then I realized that I just gave myself a thorough owning, as I didn't bookmark the way out and was not in my probing ship. Krrar doesn't even have astrometrics and the wormhole would be closed in a few hours and I have absolutely no way to find the wormhole that I can see so clearly on my system map but am not able to warp to.

So here I am, waiting for my self-destruct timer on my pod so I can go back home, a step closer to being the WORMHOLE WARRIOR I will become!

Ponies 4 Life

Adhocracy.... I hope you are ready for these guys! XD I <3 them :) They fear nothing! \o/


  1. Brilliant. Hahaha. I definitely laughed out loud about the poor guy warping back into the 3 BS's.

    Good on them for going for it though. That's the only way to learn. And to get good stories.

  2. Indeed - this gave me flashbacks to my first forays into w-space.

  3. Loved the story. I sympathise with the cloak spam toggle on the SBs, that's happened to me before.

    I remember my first couple of weeks in wormhole space. Very exciting times - and a lot to learn!

  4. Awesome story, makes me want to do more than just fly thru worm holes... then again.

  5. Beautiful story.

    These skills never leave you, they just lie dormant until you least need them.

  6. Sleepers see right through cloaks, as I know to my cost, so the asteroid wouldn't have made a difference.
    If the wormhole is showing on the system map are you sure he couldn't right click on the map and use that as the warp target?
    I once managed to get a dominix stuck in a class 2 system that only spawned wormholes to class 1s, no way to get the dominix through and no way to scan the class 1 for exits in my pod. Took me several days before I gave up and self-destructed myself home - I hope your friend has better luck.

  7. Actually, sleepers do not see through cloak.

    Unless you are not running a cov ops cloak, and warp in uncloaked and then try to activate cloak, they will have already spotted you.

    CovOps ftw.