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Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Home Found : UNKNOWN

Adhocracy Incorporated
Living Life in Wormhole Space
As I like to call it, "living on a cruise ship..."
without the buffets.

After a bit of mulling over our futures with a couple of friends I have been gaming with since '99, we've always sort of stuck together and decided jointly that a WH corp seemed to be the most unique and versatile of EVE life. Being that of the three of us, I am most involved with the community, it was left up to me to find the corp that would fit us best. After about a week or so of talking to different WH corps, interacting with them in their public channels, there was no question in my mind that Adhocracy would fit us best for multiple reasons.

For one, the folks in Adhocracy are absolutely hilarious, with a very twisted and shared bizarre sense of humor. Also, ironically, a love of Ponies (yes, ponies), something that has spanned a decade with my 2 old friends. An old joke dating back from EQ1, involving The Plane of Sky, and a naming violation. Many "Ponies" ran rampant on the Nameless Server. At one point we had an entire guild in EQ2 with all of our characters surnamed "Ponies". I haven't exactly figured out where Adhocracy got their love of Ponies, but we took this as a definite sign. I mean, its not exactly a common shared interest!

Also, the meaning of Adhocracy itself according to Wikipedia; "All members of an organization have the authority within their areas of specialization and in coordination with other members to make decisions and to take actions affecting the future of the organization. There is an absence of hierarchy."

That last bit being the ringer for me. Red tape and exclusive management and I do not get along. As can be seen for my reasons of leaving BTC as well as E-Uni.

I've only just moved into their main hub, with just one ship, and have already been having a ball chasing people in and out of our WH space, practicing my probing and scanning. Hopefully soon I can bring a hulk out and start sucking some gas and giving a solid contribution to me new corp.

BTW - Thanks to all of you who sent me mails and offers into their corps, I got some really fantastic ones and was frankly quite flattered by some of them!

Fly safe, and careful about that next WH you jump into.... I might be there waiting for you. ;)


  1. Adhocracy. Like it. I fly with a bunch of close friends too, and it fits pretty well, and works most of the time... except there is a tendency for one of us to get his blood up and want to go kill stuff moreso than the others.

    Apart from that (and the occasional bit of faffing around before a decision gets made) is all good :)



  2. Be careful - WH life can be addictive! :)

  3. Welcome to ADHC! I am looking forward to flying by your side and kicking some sleeper ass. Also hopefully nobody crosses our paths, we shall pew pew them down so hard!