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Thursday, June 17, 2010

EON: Postcards from the Edge


So I just got the latest issue of EON to find one of my screen shots has been published! I actually have to say I did cheat a bit on this one, the original was very dark and the lightening effects I exaggerated by doing a bit of painting trickery. I also combined 2 different images because the background was more impressive in one, and the angle of the ship was better in the other. Also had to do some contrast and saturation bumping to make the ship pop a bit more than it did in the original.

Curious to see the original shots?

Background Used

Ship Used

To clarify this is the only screen shot I ever took that I manipulated, I just thought the pocket of space was so impressive and the shots that I came back with didn't quite capture the power and wow-factor I felt when I landed in the middle of it. There was lightening in the pocket, I just couldnt manage to actually get my timing right.

Oh, and the shot was taken on my alt Aurynn, I did giggle a little when they called Maeve a rookie... but thats ok. I'd rather her name be in the pages of EON than my alts. ;)

So... where's my 100m isk??


  1. Awesome! Congrats on the entry, that is very cool. Now where in the heck is that?! Looks like some kind of strange Space Tornado on the loose.

  2. Hmmmmm. Likely to be mission 3 of the Recon series. Rather hostile space is it too. Lets just say attempting the L4 version in an assault frigate is a recipie for not very goodness. HAC or battleship recommended... :)


  3. Sweet look screenshot! Can't wait to see it!