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Saturday, June 19, 2010


From left to right
Indy WH corp, NOIR gun, Adhocracy

It all started with a random salvager loss to get the boys foaming at the mouth.

I've only been with Adhocracy for a few short weeks, but in that time the best analogy I can give them is that they remind me of those Mad Max bikers in Weird Science that appear out of nowhere, come crashing through a hole in the wall and start breaking everything.

The best sense I can make of it (besides sheer insanity) is that it is a sort of distraction, call it a preemptive strike, whenever our hub WH opens to another.

As Mad Max bikers are to Adhocracy, so is a WH to Wyatts house. Gary and Wyatt don't care where the bikers came from, they just want them out of their house.

We were perfectly happy to do our routine of breaking things til our link collapsed... but they drew first blood, and to be honest I think we were waiting for an excuse to go apesh*t.

Within a half hour of my logging in, we had a POS launched and anchoring in their system, a large logistics/defense/attack fleet positioned and fancy instructional graphs in the forums (seriously, who made those?).

We continued with our regular scheduled programme until we all started passing out.. dropping off with little resistance until our fleet dwindled down to naught. Most of the fleet logged back in the next night, and of course we had to start POS bashing all over, but that was ok, we entertain ourselves by discussing generation 1 My Little Ponies and arguing whether or not orange is a complimentary color to pepto pink.

Yea, we had the situation in the bag. Vengeance was had. One guy kept randomly launching bombs at us without doing enough damage to take out my drones. People started logging off, with dreams of POS pinata. All was good in Wyatts house.

That was until our scout timidly said into his mic, "Guys, I've got a bunch of NOIR appearing in local...."

"...Mynxee..." I think to myself, clicking my contacts, she is online.

This is where the irony comes into the story.

After my year hiatus I returned to EVE as a born again newb, having only lived in null sec prior, I was perfectly happy to carebear it up for all eternity. But Mynxee.... Mynxee and her "come hithers", tempting me to Hellcats, planted the seed of bloodlust that lead me to this very biker gang. The same person who inadvertently put me in this wormhole, was now coming to lay down the law.

By this time our fleet had dwindled down to a skeleton, I knew this was going to happen fast and holy hell did it ever. In the time it took me to call in my drones, over 20 NOIR pilots appeared in the overview, Mynxee wasn't there, I knew more were coming.

Miraculously most of us managed to escape back to our POS and we discussed our plan of attack.
For the most part we were ready for a suicide finish, and many of us lemmingly followed in a game of POS shield gopher just long enough to take out one NOIR pilot, and realized for every one we killed, another would just log in to replace them. They have shifts, we being the disorganized bikers do not. For most of us it was well past midnight. A few made a mad dash for the WH to known space, despite it being camped and bubbled at this point, and actually freaking made it out.

I was just aligning for the WH when our diplomat said he was in negotiations with NOIR and our frenemies.

What? They will let us take our toys and leave? Just like that? Was this a trap? We argued NOIRs honor in mumble, grumbled about "surrendering", pointing out that NOIR pilots continued pouring into the WH like angry wasps. Eventually those of us left agreed their reputation was too high to go back on a logged agreement, they're mercs, not pirates, and time is money. A withdrawal without any losses would be more logical than suiciding to save our egos.

True to their word, they began repping POS mods so we could offline them and haul them away. At almost 4am EST we hauled out the last bits and pieces, still a bit dazed if not delirious.

In the end I think the operation was a success, despite the fact that we didn't accomplish what we set out to do (take over). But maybe I am just too optimistic. We got in, messed some shit up, and got back out with minimal loss (M Thomas I am truley sorry for your lots) I launched and helped take down a POS for the first time, and eventually did see Mynxee on my overview drunk as she was, and probably grateful she wasn't going to have to POS bash for 3 days. ;)

Lessons of the day;

Never underestimate the deep pockets of an industrial corp.
NOIR is not a fairy tale made up to scare the bad people.

*I do not speak on behalf of Adhocracy Incorporated, these events are described from my own personal viewpoint and may or may not be perfectly accurate. Not everyone in ADHC will agree with my feelings of the outcome.


  1. LOL I was really pretty drunk and didn't even notice you in Local LOL! But great blog post, I'm sure my corp mates will get a giggle out of it! I sure did!

  2. Wow. I need to get back in to w-space.

  3. Great post Maeve. i am glad to see that you are having fun in your new corp.

    cain jacobi

  4. CSM = Can't Sip Margaritas...?


  5. Having fun I see! I should be moving in WH space later tonight. Can't wait!

  6. CK I about fell over when I read you joined a WH corp! We should have coordinated this!!!

  7. That was very good and fun to read from the other side. Thanks from posting!

  8. From the "innocent" (wink wink) Indy WH Corp point of view this is really funny ... we had a good time with the Adhocracy and were sure glad to have Noir help us clean out the WH.

    It was a "gf" from begining to end ... you guys fought well.


    Celloto, Degrees of Freedom

  9. \o/ Celloto!! FRENEMY!! *locks target*

    Yes, good times! Good times! ;) Between the time we saw Noir in known space local, and the time they were on top of us, everyone kept saying, "Would they really hire mercs??" We totally weren't expecting that. But not a surprising move to protect valuable assets. I've spent enough time in an Indy corp to know how it feels to have your hands tied when youre outnumbered in pilot count and possibly combat skill points (and properly fitted pvp ships). I know I said myself on many occasions "Why don't we just hire a merc corp!?!" when in the same situation. ;)

    *hats off to you*

    ~Maeve Trinity

  10. It was good times all around. I posted to our blog here:

  11. Celloto, it's good to hear you guys had some fun too and glad there is no real hard feelings.

  12. Mad Max, eh?
    /me makes notes.

  13. I dont think you guys actualy realise how close you came to losing that POS. More in my post’t/

  14. Who invited the wet towel? Here we are all happy and getting along....

    But to the point.... I don't think you realize how much we didn't really care if we lost that POS!

    Reread my post, before negotiations, we were ready to suicide our way out... which meant, bai bai POS.

    Unless you would have preferred to sit there and POS bash for 3 days, I'm sure we would have obliged.