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Monday, February 22, 2010

One Night of Roc

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So a while back I purchased Roc Wieler's Bio, and posted my raving review of it. Not long after, I also got Roc's One Night of Roc.

It is by far a distant cry from the style of music I fell in love with in Bio, but that is not to say that One Night of Roc is not equally astounding. The line is so blurry between what is real and what is fiction, but you quickly find yourself easily slipping into the idea that it actually, physically happened. Music aside, skillfully sampled and placed tracks of roaring audiences, giving a feel that they are actually reacting to what is happening on stage.

Prime example. My favorite track, Sacrifice, a beautiful duet with Roc and a mystery lady. You can tell the moment she walks on stage, just by listening- the audience goes absolutely wild. Audience reactions aside, like I said, this is my favorite track. Much more mellow and intimate than the rest of the songs on the album, and the lyrics speak of a dynamic and deep relationship.

The album is about split between vocals and instrumental. All rock, with a tech edge. But One Night gives you the feeling of actually being there, a unique feat in itself. I daydream of the day Incarna is released, and actually attending a Roc concert at a station somewhere in New Eden, where his tracks are broadcast in-game. Wouldn't that be fantastic??

In the end, I still think Bio is my favorite of the two. Simply because that is my favorite style of music. But as far as mainstream music goes, rock is where my heart is.... and if it is rock music you like, you will not be disappointed with One Night of Roc.


  1. Thank you for the honest, positive feedback! Might have to get you a backstage pass if Incarna concerts ever happen.

  2. We NEED to push for concerts in Incarna!

  3. Sacrifice is also my favorite track on this CD. I play it over and over and over again. There is something so emotionally honest and heart-wrenching in that song, and the two voices complement each other perfectly.