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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

White Out

Maeve Trinity
Niballe V – Ice Field 1
On Board Exhumer "10 Hygiea"


Maeve tapped impatiently on the navigation console of her Hulk, staring mindlessly at the massive block of ice that floated and slowly rotated at the end of her harvester beams.
She had been doing nothing but this for hours now with several of her corp mates, as part of a voluntary operation to help fuel the corporations station. She had never mined ice before, she had no idea that she was in for this. It had taken her hours to yield a single block of blue ice. HOURS. Okay maybe it didnt actually take that long.... but it certainly felt like it!

Maeve was starting to question her career path. Until the other day, she had her skills books all lined up to lead her straight into an Anshar. But she found herself in her Obelisk for several hours not long ago, hauling, consolidating junk.... jump, after jump after jump. Did she really want to do that? All the time?

She'd recently acquired a Myrmidon to compensate for her lack of long range weaponry.

"Shooting stuff is fun...." she thought. Looking back out at the massive block of ice, that still sat there, unchanged. She imagined setting explosives on it, and it blasting into a million sparkly pieces.

Clicking her coms, she said, "Rigel..... set Frigates V out for my studies... I want to fly a tech 2 ship thats NOT industrial for once." Rigel bleeped in compliance.

She sat back and smiled softly to herself.

"Time for a change."


  1. /me crooks her finger in Maeve's direction...."Come hither, little one...come hither!"

  2. I see another miner bites the dust, welcome to the shooty side of EVE!

    Also about the post it's self I like it but a bit of constructive criticism. I have noticed that not only in this post but also a lot of your posts you tend to use a lot of ellipsis.

    It isn't bad but it can be a bit distracting, just remember that when used in speech its for a pause and when used elsewhere it means there is an omission.

    Other than that I really enjoy what you have written so far and hope you keep it up :D

    Also resist Mynxee, shes evil :D

  3. lol Arukemos! I worked in publishing and advertising for years as a designer, and sometimes they would leave copy up to me for certain things, they were ALWAYS riding me for my ellipsis!

    Holiday Inn Ad... bottom left... prime example! lol

    Old habits are hard to break!!!!

  4. Don't resist the Mynx, it is just denying your fun side!

    Push for interceptors, yay Taranis!

    Ellipsis can also mean the trailing off of a thought or a pause in speech. Since she is using them ICly I would say a pause in speech or thought is intoned by their use. If you want to get technical they should have a space between them ie . . . but to hell with that!

    Maeve, you could, instead of using ellipsis, enter thoughts of the moment to separate or give pause in speech, such as, ""Rigel," pausing for the connection, "set Frigates V out for my studies." A small, wicked but unnoticed smile spreading on her lips. "I want to fly a tech 2 ship thats NOT industrial for once."

    But since most of your IC stories are a combination between first person and omniscient it can be a bit more sticky and ellipsis make more sense... to me at least :)

  5. I know what you mean, I still have a few bad habits myself, I think I use too many parenthesis for my own good.

    Either way I still enjoy reading what you write, keep it up :D

  6. I've had a hard time shaking my ellipsis habits myself (it used to be REALLY bad) but I tend to not have issues with them in terms of EVE-blogging, since they can imply the blog post is a kind of casual narration. I guess it depends on how you want to present your information, but they seem to make sense to me at least.

    Granted, I like how Arukemos brought it up, because it's a good reminder we can all improve our grammar and syntax in some way or another.

    As far as the post goes, YARRRR! Flying a frigate sized ship in low-sec is about as fun as it gets in my opinion, so long as you're aware of what you're getting yourself into when you undock.