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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Trinity Rig

The Mind Behind the Trinity Sisters
Sitting at her desk
Cape Canaveral, Florida

So I'm gonna jump on the band-wagon chocolips started over at the tweetfleet and her blog, I must confess, I have poster envy!

So that is where I spend most of my time. This space doubles as my gaming space and my work space. The nice thick glass top surface of my desk is excellent for my leather-working, and big enough for paper or my wacom (not pictured) when the mood strikes. This is why there is a mess of paints and stuff on that shelf up there.

Left to right, my 17" MacBook Pro I promised my husband I would use only for work and not for gaming (lol), my main screen, a 28". And on the right, my old 21" I hope to replace with another 28" eventually. Also have the EVE Maps book there, along with the latest issue of EON. The best part is they are all set with a Matrix screen-saver.

You can also see the microphone that hovers over my head, tormenting me to get off my ass and make a podcast.


  1. People have so many screens! And that is a serious mic!

    I see plenty of wallspace back there for more small posters though. :D

    I like it. Its like hobby-central. :)

  2. Wow, that is a pretty cool EVE space! I could never do non-digital art there, though--not much physical work surface. When I'm painting, I have stuff spread out all over the 4x4 table in my tiny (8x10) "studio" where there isn't a computer in sight.

    I think I need a 28" main screen. That's so awesome.

  3. I am SOOOOOO jealous of your setup!!!! I'm actually drooling right now!

    And is that,... is that!!! IMG it is! My blog on the left monitor!

    /..... (we'll be right back, once CK has regained consciousness.....)

  4. ...the right monitor, not the left. I know my left hand from my right! Anyways I do when I'm not overly excited!

    (the captcha was SCRUM. I laughed!)

  5. Bacons does make everything better ( so says your book) I like the setup. Is 28" too big tho? I have my tabelt a 24 and a 19 + my headset, maps and whatnot. Nice to see I am not alone in having a lived in look! Great microphone indeed now if you would just record something we can then yell and criticize :) (teasing of course) Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice! Its like a geek fantasy world.

  7. @ Manasi I could have a friggin 72" widescreen 3-D all up in my face and it still wouldn't be big enough! XD