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Saturday, October 9, 2010

If I were Maeve...

I would probably look a bit like this!

But really.... I was poking around the new character tool and got a kick out of the fact that my exact do is in the game. I couldn't resist.

For the moment the level of customization seems pretty limited, and depending on the race/bloodline you pick, excluding your hairstyle, you'll pretty much look like everyone else that shares that race/bloodline. I hope they fix that.

I also couldn't find a replacement for Maeve's crazy fro hair, so I'm not sure exactly which way I'll go with that. Ah well... I've got plenty of time to decide!


  1. Wow, I think it is very cool how you look exactly the same in game! Funny that you the player should find that, seeing that many characters did not get their own dos :)

  2. Neat. I should try to make my capsuleer self with this, did spot one of the hairstyles looking very much like mine.

  3. Wow! :D

    I like the new character creator, although I do hope they fix and add a few things. Seems like it's well on its way though.

    Here's my attempt.

  4. But I bet you don't pout that much in RL.

  5. Simply amazing! I can't image being able to recreate Treenara using the new editor. I'll probably waste hours (of fun) trying to achieve similarities.

    You're a true artist, and it shows!

  6. CCP hires fashion designers - fashion designers put your hair into eve - logic demands that you are fashionable :)
    Seriously though very cool. I've spent quite a lot of time messing around on sisi, but haven't quite managed to recreate Kala to my satisfaction yet. All I have managed so far is to keep a pony tail :)
    Good luck and Fly safe

  7. Looks good and a tad bit like you?