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Friday, October 22, 2010

Maeve Trinity : Illustration

So I've finally finished my illustration of Maeve. Figured I should finish it before the new avatars are implemented, and she deserved an homage of how she was. :)

She was done in pencil on illustration board, scanned, and painted/finished in Photoshop. I hope you all enjoy. And if there is interest, might consider commissions. :)

Oh... you can buy prints of this at deviantart here.


  1. Awesome work. I wish I could do that.

  2. \o/ Finally!

    had been waiting for this for some time. Excellent job, love the colour scheme you went with. Where is the rest of the bedroom?

  3. Awesome work! Nice to see it finally finished, well done.

  4. thanks guys!!

    @ Nashh... decided to go against doing her quarters, and set the focus on just her. :)

  5. Picture looks great Maeve.

    Cain Jacobi

  6. It's a very beautiful picture, you have talent!
    One of my first thoughts though, that drone is somewhat reminiscent of a hammerhead drone, which has a volume of 10m^3. Maeve is huge!
    Then again maybe it's just one of those floating quafe dispensers.

  7. lol Rahwin!

    Unfortunately (and fortunately for my artistic license! lol)... you can not buy Trinity drones on the market! So, its not an ogre ;)