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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Maeve Illustration WIP

Some of you may have noticed I've been a bit MIA in EVE lately, but that doesnt mean I am leaving the game by any means. I've just been very focused on trying to get some work coming in (it is horribly slow at this point), so I've been building a portfolio for illustration and character design. Hence this portrait of Maeve I've been fiddling with. Yea... she details her drones in her quarters, you got a problem with that??
Last night for the most part I finished up the line work, and have brought it into Photoshop (and possibly Paint) to begin the color process. I may or may not watercolor the original for myself, which is currently propped against the wall behind the door in my computer room / studio (lol).

Anyways I thought you all might appreciate seeing her progress! :)

Oh, and yes, that is the beginnings of a Roc Wieler poster over her bed. hehe.


  1. Awesome illustration! Good choice of poster.

  2. It is coming along nicely, can't wait to see it in color!

  3. Looks awesome and I'm glad your still alive :) Was begining to wonder what had happened to you and I hope you get more time to play eve soon.

    Fly Safe

  4. The pics look great Maeve.
    hope to see you in eve soon.

    Cain Jacobi

  5. Very nice line work and composition. Can't wait to see this with color!