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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dread 'Naught for Me

Thank you Asayanami Dei for the shot,
most epic WH local comment ever.*

It seems the best fun is had while I decide I need to take a bit of an EVE break.

I got clued in from a Facebook post from a corp-mate, that I missed an awesome night, "killed 2 dreadnaughts", she said. I thought I was being tricked into logging back in, but after quickly looking over the killboards and reading the corp forums, it happened, and I was laying on the couch, watching pre-recorded Tour de France. Sigh.

Apparently over the past couple of days, we have been sieging an occupied WH, kidnapping a carrier and some other goodies when one of their POSs went down early in the weekend. At some point yesterday, they decided to go on the offensive and attack the POS we had set up in their system with 2 dreads and a fairly decent fleet. Two dreads. I dont even think I've seen one dread in action never-mind two. Personally I would have shit bricks, but somehow our gopher game won the day. I really wish I had been there. /o\

Asayanami and all his mad skills put together this video for all to see. \o/

*stuff blurred per request.


  1. dreads arent scary, they can't track a snail x)

  2. Hope you get to kill some caps soon maeve, and as helicity says, don't fear dreads unless you are a) not moving or b) flying a moon.

    Fly Safe