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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wormholers Rumbling in Low Sec

So typically, our forays into low-sec dont go so grandly. Speaking for myself, being used to WH tactics, and for the most part not being entirely familiar with jump gate timers and tactics used with them. And then, of course, local pirates always have the upper hand in the situation considering they are probably close to their home station and can quickly reship. Not to mention, they do not have to deal with mass limitations and can bring whatever toys they want.

But the other night we had a streak of good luck.

We chased around a size-able fleet of juicy red Chain of Chaos folks, until we pinned them down to a gate and sent some bait through who was quickly engaged. Us being on the other side of the gate, immediately jumped through and the fun began.

Their fleet was much larger than the kills we did manage to snag, as many got away, but it was a good time regardless, and there were many "GF" in local. *hats off* to Chain of Chaos from me. :) I am pretty positive they would have come back for more -I wouldn't blame them, but we quickly scurried back to our wormhole to bask in the warm glow of a low sec romp that finally went right.

Also..... special moment for me as it was my Proteus's first real actual engagement excluding the time I managed to just land in a fight in time for a pod-kill lol!

Unfortunately, I didn't get any screen shots of the low-sec action... so I have supplied just a generic shot of my Proteus, "Bed Intruder". ;)

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