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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Haircut



Sorry I've been so off the grid lately, the daily grind (hehe, get it? "grind"... oh never mind) of depleting 'roids of their ores had finally gotten the better of me. As you probably know my home is now in wormhole space. We get a lot of action out here, I never imagined I would find such a liking for the "hunt".

The disadvantage to this is not being able to stretch my legs in Station quarters. Most of my time now is spent inside my ships, my Proteus specifically, that I have set up to be particularly comfortable in unknown space. Of course, I had to sacrifice my drones for a cloaking subsystem, but I keep Rigel inside to keep me company. And true to form I have decorated the inside as tacky as you would expect your sister to.

I've still been up to my usual, crawling around the ships maintenance areas where a pilot of my stature really shouldn't. But there is some satisfaction in not only knowing my ships mind, but also its workings. I should also note I finally cut my mess of hair off. It was one too many times of it getting caught and tangled in wires, and to be honest, I was sick of washing the grease out.

I am sure you will think I am a boy the next time you see me.

Hope to visit with you during my next trip to Empire Space-

Your Sister,




  1. Like the new look :)

    you can see mine here

  2. Thanks Serenity!!! Added yours to my list!! The new char creator is so much fun isnt it???

  3. She of the Wrench lives! And I agree with the Cpt: short hair suits Maeve.

  4. NIcely done, somehow it just fits you. :)

  5. Looking good Maeve! Here's the new me, I had a haircut too :)

  6. Nice look. May be a bit more red for the Hair?