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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Grand Theft Moros

I logged on the other night to hear much gigglesnorting in voice coms.

"What are they up to?" I thought, as I tried to work out what exactly was the source of such wicked glee.

Apparently they found a wormhole that had a station caught quite literally with its pants down. No shields, a handful of ships... and a moros... just sitting there. All part of a system shared by a small alliance with a handful of other stations, also in similar states of disarray.

In short we took everything, but being as it was that the moros could not be removed from the hole, we decided to put it to use, against the alliance who conveniently left it floating there for us. So we all zoomed over to the closest station and began breaking stuff for giggles.

Only two residents were logged in at the station.. both of whom were less than 6 months old and showed no signs of being alts. Hilarity ensued when they started asking in local if we were recruiting, followed shortly by bursts of rage and tears, then randomly switching to Space Balls quotes. At one point after all guns were incapped, one of them began on-lining a medium refining array.

Our corp mate Kwashi summed it up best when he said,
"Those guys we found in the pos reminded me of one of those post-apocalyptic movies where there are clueless vagrants living in the ruins of cities who have no idea how the cities once ran."

A sample of the local banter:

Vagrant Resident > well he left that dread here because get it out of the hole
Vagrant Resident > just like yall cant
Vagrant Resident > he couldnt
Us > Well, yes, it can't leave, so we had to take it to the nearest tower
Us > But I imagine you're aware of that
Vagrant Resident > yea we see it
Vagrant Resident > but soon yall will be out of ammo or the hole will close
Vagrant Resident > then yall will be stuck here with no ammo just drone
Vagrant Resident > drones*
Us > Lasers don't run out of ammo, and probes are reusable
Us> Really, you wouldn't be the first tower
Vagrant Resident > lasers have crystals and they burn out
Vagrant Resident > oh u talking the other tower in here?
Vagrant Resident > the one u took out that really didnt have anything there worth anything but the moros

We continued our bashing, with a small sliver of hope that perhaps the station was not stronted considering the state of the other station in system, but no such luck. After a brief discussion of whether or not we wanted to finish it off when it came out of reinforced we decided to call it a wrap -freshly exhausted from a POS destruction just two days before- we all just wanted to go home and count our profits.

And moros pay out juicy insurance.

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