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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Eve Report Drama Llama

Fuck it. I am taking the troll bait.

The drama llama was unleashed on the Tweetfleet last night here.

Some follow up posts can be seen here, here and here.

For the most part, the responses sum it up very nicely. CK really has nothing to step down *from*, and in my opinion, if for some reason he decided to stop doing his thing all together it would be more damaging to the community than not.

But the huge bull in the room that the few people who agree with mysteryKhaaan miss is that the podcast CCP highlighted is not just CK's. There are four of us equally working on it. Myself, CK, Ardwulf and Memoocan.

Not to mention my name was also listed on that CCP newsletter... you know... the one that only showcases specific people all the time and never shares the love? The one that only showcases CK.... oh wait.

Following Khaaaans logic I should not have been listed, being a virtual unknown. But that point was conveniently forgotten.

And then I also wonder, who is this Khaaan person? Not gutsy enough to post his in-game name, or his blog after pitching a giant nerd-rage basically because he isn't getting enough attention. It makes me wonder if we haven't actually all just been trolled.


  1. Me, I am outraged that CK didn't use his enormous clout with CCP to get my name mentioned. Seething here!

  2. I know right? And why didn't they link to my blog post instead!?!? ZOMG!

  3. Admit it! You created Khaaaan as publicity stunt!

  4. By saying that you suspect that "we have been trolled" are you in fact implying that Caroline was behind the post? or are you just saying that some nut job wanted to start a ruckus?

  5. Yea, this was quite ridiculous. Internet anonymity goes a long way to make people stupid and emorage sometimes.
    Want attention? Do something people care about.

  6. @athurston, definitely not. I am implying that as much as I am imply that say.. Mandrill in fact made the Khaan post. But considering Khaans real identity never came to light, and no one really seemed to side with him fully in the aftermath, I get the impression that whoever did it, did it just to see how the community would react, as trolls do... for lols.

    Is the "a" in "athurston" for Anthony? hai.. I see you there ;)

  7. @Druur - the rabbit is out of the whole! LOLz
    Seriously though, don't know who the guy is, but that sort of complaining seems to pop its head every now and then. Oh well! Glad to see that most get it.