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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Whats in My Hangar?

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


Lots of people in the twittersphere are jumping on the topic started by Rixx over at Eveoganda -a must visit for some excellent EVE inspired propaganda art.
Because of my lack of organization, not all of my ships are seen here, they are spread all over. Some in Empire, some in Wicked Creek, but most, in Solitude.

The topic? "Whats in your hangar?" More specifically, the naming of ships.

The inspiration for most of my ships either comes from ancient mythology, or the series Farscape. Yes, I am THAT big of a nerd. And then sometimes, I will name a ship something completely lame. The latter, are ships I usually never fly, and should probably sell!

When it comes to differentiating two same model ships with different functioning fittings, I will name them accordingly. For instance, I love domis... my standard fitting I will name Moia. But my RR domis are named Airmid, after the Celtic goddess of healing.

So here are some of my ships, and the names I've given them.

Big Momma - My Obelisk. I thought it was fitting.

Farscape I & II - Comet. My Farscape fandom shining through.

OMG RUN - Viator. Because this is how I feel when flying it through all the gate camps to Solitude.

The Navigator - Helios. Very subtle reference to childhood nerd-dom, Flight of the Navigator. She finds me all the interesting stuff in space. Compliance.

Goblin King - Brutix. More childhood nerd-dom. I do think Brutix look like goblins.

Luna I, II & III - Zephyr. They look like moths to me. I have 3 and I never fly them.

Bustopher Jones - Nemesis. A reference from the musical Cats, the ship looks like a little happy fat cat to me.

10 Hygiea - Hulk. Named after an actual asteroid. Also, coincidentally, I finished training Hulk during Hulkageddon, the goddess Hygieia is the Greek goddess of health. I was hoping for some good juju.


  1. great post lea. i really liked the name you gave your helios. Flight of the Navigator was one of my all time favorite movies when i was a kid

    Cain Jacobi

  2. Never could get into Farscape, more of a Firefly guy myself. Thanks for the plug btw, made me all tingly.

  3. RAWR! Yeah Farscape FTW!
    We are big scape fans - Our son is called Talyn (Moya's son). He was the aggressive one... was that a fluke or what?? Lol
    We havent taken to naming our ships after farscape but my wife wants a Leviathon.... :s

  4. lol maniac!! so awesome! I personally think Chiana and Zhaan are two of the most beautiful names. :)

    @Evoganda. Of course! Youre one of my favorite people in the blogosphere! \o/