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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Sister Returns

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V
Sisters of EVE Bureau


Maeve sat in the far corner of one of the many exclusive airy capsuleer bars of The Sisters of EVE Bureau. Although it seemed a strange place to have a multitude of bars and lounges, to Maeve the Sisters were an odd, if not contradictory lot.

The bar had high ceilings with deep blue swashes of fabric covering what was most likely garish bare concrete. Pale aqua lights shone up from the floor, creating translucent columns through a mist of smoke and dust. It was an entrancing effect.

She absentmindedly stirred her drink, scanning the room for the face she was anticipating. Her sister, Aurynn. A couple of months back she disappeared leaving only a note, scribbled in a rush, stating simply that "Solitude is such a snooze-fest.." and, "I'm going to become a pirate."

Pretty bold words coming from her little sister who loved the most expensive and garishly lavish adornments on herself, and in her environment. Amarr make mostly. From trinkets and wardrobe, to shining golden ships. Maeve knew her pirate phase wouldn't last. She was hardly surprised when she received a transmission from Aurynn asking her to meet her in this very establishment, back in the same station where her old quarters were.

Time ticked by slowly, and Maeve began to lose her patience, orders she needed to check on, ore she could be refining, drones that needed detailing. But just as soon as she pushed her drink away and began to rise, she saw the familiar silhouette of her sister stepping through on of the columns of light, gracefully striding towards her.

Aurynn sat slowly and casually waved her hand for service, pointing at Maeve's drink to indicate she would have the same. She leaned back, obviously avoiding making contact with Maeve's eyes, though still keeping her head high.

"So I hear you guys are establishing yourselves in null sec." Aurynn said, getting straight to the point.

"You heard right Aurynn." Maeve said.... taking a bit more than just a sip of her cocktail. "And we need cyno pilots...."

At this point Maeve decided that whatever happened out there to Aurynn, it more than likely bruised her ego. Things always went perfectly for her. No need to pick a fresh wound. The best medicine for Aurynn right now would be to feel needed. And it was true, her skills would be very useful to Black Thorne at this point in time..... and to herself, as selfish as that might seem.

"Cyno pilots Maeve?" Aurynn leaned back, she liked feeling control back in her hands, and it showed outwardly quite obviously. "So what, you'd get a kick out of me losing every ship I fly as a sitting duck wouldn't you?"

Maeve rolled her eyes, and took another bit-more-than-a-sip of her drink. "Well that or you can go back to tipping cans in Empire."

This was the truth of the matter and Maeve knew it. Aurynn wanted to be a pirate, but couldn't make the connections, lacked the training and skills for proper combat, and was reduced to scavenging. Maeve imagined it probably took a full week to afford one of her precious gold plated Amarr hair-clips. And it hit home.

"Fuck you Maeve!" Aurynn said as she splashed her drink into Maeve's smirking face. Aurynn sat rigid, hands gripping the chairs arms, ready to lash out or run. But she stared at her for a moment, Maeve couldn't tell if Aurynn was considering her proposition, or just being frustrated with Maeve's lack of temper, or perhaps it was both. And slowly, Aurynn slouched back down.

Rubbing the bridge of her nose between her eyes, Aurynn said, "It's too early to talk about anything permanent, I just got back out to this dead end region." She stood, and glanced quickly at Maeve,

"Just let me know if any jobs come in... you know.... cyno shit or whatever." She adjusted her shining black cropped hair, "I'll be back in my old quarters."

Maeve sat and took the final sip of her drink, thinking to herself how funny it was that she, the calm collect wrench wench, could rile up her sister, full of ambition to shoot everything down, without hardly saying a word.


  1. This was a great read. The relationship was well realised, they reminded me of my sisters - they could be in a life-or-death situation but they'd still ignore the world to claw each other's eyes out if the mood suited.

  2. Good stuff! But of course now we are curious: what did happen to Aurynn?

  3. More or less how the story above went. :)

    I dropped her from BTC with the intention of joining Mynxee in Hellcats. Tho Aurynn is still low in SP I decided to give her some time training, as well as try some newb-style piracy. Which she failed horribly at. XD Ended up just logging into her to tip cans.... LOL! So then Mynxee left Hellcats... dont really know anyone else in the corp and am not sure if its still going to stay together.

    So since BTC has now made a home for itself in 0.0 and is in need of cyno pilots (as Aurynn is), I thought it would be best to give up my silly fantasy of the yarrr. ;)

  4. Too many pirates already; we need more upstanding young citizens ... and cynos ;)