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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Me? Podcast?

The Mind Behind the Trinity Sisters
Sitting at her desk
Cape Canaveral, Florida

So..... I've been thinking about trying my hand in podcasting....

I have no experience in it.... but.... I dunno... just thoughts rolling around in my head about it. I have not mentioned these thoughts to anyone, or even done any kind of research other than listening to everyone elses podcasts (lol)

So I randomly blurted it out to my husband last night... and he smirks and says... "I had a feeling you'd been thinking about that.... with your EVE blog and everything..."

"Really?" I thought...... hmmm....

We end up wandering into the computer room later and he is sitting there, again, smirking... and he says, "So you know how you said you were thinking about podcasting and I had a feeling? Well I bought this a couple of weeks ago...."

And he pulls out this fancy pants shock mounted MXL 990 condenser microphone along with a pop filter and a swiveling boom to attach to my desk.

I think he is psychic.

So now its on.

My little random thoughts in the back of my head have to be pushed out... but where do I start?

Should I go it alone?

What would my topic be? EVE? Gaming in general? .. I do have gamer ADD.....

What do you guys think? I sorta feel like now I can't let my husband down!


  1. Moar EVE. And I'll also note that your husband kicks ass and raises the bar for the rest of us. ;)

  2. i think the idea of you doing a podcast would be awesome. the key is finding a topic that you would enjoy doing. maybe do something that revolves around the masks that you make.

    Cain Jacobi

  3. Sounds awesome to me!

    There are quite a few podcasts already out there. IMHO, you should go with a specific angle / topic / viewpoint.

    For example, podded is mostly 0.0 news, declarations is merc stuff, missions collide is missioning, planet risk is wormholes, etc...

  4. Im always looking for new eve podcasts. so 2 thumbs up no matter the subject. :)

  5. What about a podcast focused on player-organized events? There is always a lot going on and many topics you could spin off from that angle: interviews with organizers of past events, brainstorming with players about potential events, interviews with organizers of upcoming events, feedback from event winners and other participants, discussion about the tasks involved in organizing an event, ideas for game mechanics that would better support player-organized events, etc. Sort of a "New Eden Events" showcase, news source, brainstorming venue, and more.

  6. Jeesh Mynxee I think you should start a show yourself! ;-)

    I am still hashing out in my mind a format.... so many possibilities.... but I dont want to narrow my audience down too much... but at the same time... I dont want to stretch the topics too thin.

    I play a lot of games besides EVE... would like to inegrate that in (perhaps in an end segment?) who knows... it will be a while.

    Thanks for all the support guys and gals! \o/

  7. Sounds nice! Even though some ppl might say "do or do not, there is no try" I would still encourage to try it! Be sure to give it a personal touch and don't shy back from mentioning other things as well (masks, other games) as those will surely make it unique.

  8. As a side note: I do like Mynxee's idea of event news as I am all for those as well as for more linkings to the backstory of New Eden 0:-)

  9. Mynxee's idea gets a thumbs up from me. Or generally just about anything that does not have a dedicated podcast yet, really.

  10. Something that I was successful with (and am considering reviving if my former partners in crime still play the game) is focusing on helping players. With WDA and Drone Bay largely mothballed (again, trying to change the latter), I haven't found one that reaches the same level of sharing experience and simply teaching some of the aspects of the game. I loved doing The Drone Bay, but life kept getting in the way.

    I don't think you need a terribly narrow focus, with the generalist shows faded. I took my inspiration from The Instance. Yes, it's WoW, and I know that will pain some people physically, but Scott and Randy really have it together over there.

    If you have any questions or want a semi-afk bitter old noob of a guest sometime, hit me up at crovan|at|eve-mailDOTnet.

  11. Thanks so much Crovan. :)

    I definitely know I wont have any sort of narrow focus... I am way too ADD for that! XD

    I am leaning towards newb help.... as I am always learning myself... it would be mutualy beneficial I think. ;-)

    I'll more than likely mr hitting you up with questions once I get the ball rolling!