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Friday, January 22, 2010

In Times of War... we keep on keepin' on...

Maeve Trinity
Octanneve V – Moon 1
Federation Customs Assembly Plant


A wrench went spinning across the tiled floor of Maeve's quarters, hitting the wall in a clatter. It had slipped from her hands, she was distracted. With a long sigh she carefully lifted the Warrior I Drone she was detailing from her lap and onto the bench beside her. She was never quite happy with how they came off the assembly line, and the artist blood in her wouldn't be happy if she left her Trinity Drones without some mark of character and beauty. She wanted them to be sturdy, obviously finished by hand. This didn't make a hill of beans once on the market, but she did it anyway.
A Trinity Drone, pestering a big angry Serpentis Pirate.

Maeves source of distraction came from a recent transmission of a declaration of war against her entire alliance.

Intel said they were hired, by who? Anyones guess was as good as anothers.

But as a little time passed, it became apparent these guys were just looking for easy pickings... limiting their members to systems around Jita, likely hoping for an easy target passing through the trade route. But as more intel came pouring in, it seemed the vast majority of the Corp who declared war on our alliance spent their time docked in stations. Hopefully whoever it was didn't pay them much to declare this war.

So life continues normally for now in Solitude, taking jobs from customs, spending time looking at the stars while listening to the hum of her Hulks mining lasers... and manufacturing her drones. Though, this didnt stop Maeve from feeling on edge. Constantly monitoring her local population channel, inspecting every red and even neutral to enter the system.

She knew the alliance had scouts monitoring the pipe in and out of Solitude... so far so quiet.....

Maeve popped a reel of captured images into Rigels projector, and sat back and watched some images from some previous Serpentis engagements.

Trinity Drone VICTORIOUS!

"Damn I love my Domi." Maeve thought out loud, Rigel bleeping agreeably. And pondered thoughts of how she might hold up if indeed, the war was brought to Solitude.


  1. Nice article and cool screenshots (especially as they are quite colorful and even show lots of action - which is difficult to catch)! Please do send some of those to Postcards from the Edge ... as I would really like to see one of yours in EON 0:-)

  2. Honestly, you take the best screenshots, I save almost every single one to use as wallpapers! Keep up the beautiful work :)

  3. Thanks Michael!!! \o/

    I've got a ton more I need to post! :)