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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Departing Solitude

Maeve stood staring out the expansive window of the viewing level in a station of Octanneve. Her eyes resting on one of the numerous blue planets there, perhaps for the last time.

For Maeve had handed in her resignation papers to The Black Thorne Corporation the night before, her time in Solitude would soon come to an end. Solitude, a system she had spent more time in than any in her entire career in New Eden. It had become a place dear to her heart, with many little pockets to hide away in, and belts with the most beautiful vistas of Octanneves planets floating blissfully just beyond, its warm red sun glowing in the distance.

She fiddled with a data-pad filled with messages from soon to be x corp mates that ranged from sadness and support to vehement rage. She looked back out at the swirling clouds, and knew she needed to stick with her decision. It was the angry ones that surprised her, and reminded her she was making the right move.

Big Momma, Ready to Roll

She didn't know where she was going.

But she knew her priority was first and foremost finding another group of people she enjoyed flying with, and calling her own. Second to that, becoming a solid asset within a corp where her skills could be put to use and appreciated.

Not a tall order, at least she thought, and she had several options open to her at this point. In a way it came down to a matter of reverse interviewing she supposed. Would she disappoint them? Would they disappoint her? Did she have the skills required? Would they share her strange sense of humor? So many questions. She needed to make sure wherever her path went, the fit would be good.

Corp mates become family to Maeve, and not a decision to be made on a whim. And those she has considered friends from day one are still kept in her address book, and checked in on from time to time. Soljisk, her first real CEO, she still held on a pedestal, everything she knew about being a capsuleer to this day she's convinced she learned from him.

Yes, Maeve would miss Solitude. But deep inside, the prospect of spreading her wings and trying something new was quite frightening and thrilling all at once.

On a side note; while attempting to move a few of her ships out of 0.0 space before her 24 hours timer expired, she did lose a bomber to an impressive blob guarding the last gate out before low sec. At least 4 sling bubbles as she could see and who knows how many pilots. She had evaded their camp on the jump in, and perhaps got too cocky, thinking everyone in local was at the gate she had just escaped.

But she's proud to say, that although she was severely outnumbered, she managed to take out a T2 ship worth MUCH more than hers before the 9 of them who had her targeted took her down. In the end... the isk damage was worse on their end than Maeve, 3 fold. It made her feel a little better about her pvp capabilities. And a tiny bit more tempted to humor the offers into pvp corps.

Enjoy: Solo Kill - severely outnumbered.

This little kitty bit back =^-^=


  1. Fly safe! And hope you find what you are searching for!
    WOW and congratulations that cool solo-kill of yours!!

  2. 100 different comments come to mind and none of them appropriate or broad enough in scope. Wish you all the best as you move off toward other venues [and perhaps the unknown :)] and that you find what you are looking for.

    Congratulations on the kill. It's always nice to be the 'one that got away' as well as the 'one that spanked' the gate gank.

    Good Luck!

  3. This promises to be interesting ... Good luck!

  4. Solitude will be a less interesting now...good luck Maeve!!!

  5. Good luck with your travels and ventures, Maeve. All the best!

    Stop by at the Ball for a chat and a cool beverage every now and then.

  6. Hey Al'Xandra!!!! I left the channel cause I think I was making people paranoid! hahaha everyone kept asking "who is Maeve Trinity??"... I think they thought I was spai-ing! I'll rejoin! I didn't realize you followed my blog! :) Now it all makes sense ;)